By Craig Cormick Following the recent nuclear power station accident at Sosnovyi Bor near Saint Petersburg in Russia, global confidence in nuclear power continues to decline, as do the number of power stations being built. Yet in Asia, the
On April 14, INFIGHT, the Indonesian Front for the Defence of Human Rights, issued the following open letter to Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating as he began his visit to Indonesia. This marks the first visit by an Australian Prime Minister
By Adam Novak PRAGUE - Czecho-Slovakia is slowly disintegrating under the impact of contrary forces. In Slovakia, there is a radicalisation against the restoration of capitalism. On the other hand, there is a growing willingness of the Czech
By Sally Low and Peter Annear Most of Britain's relatively large but deeply divided left campaigned hard for a Labour victory in the April 9 election, even though they opposed Neil Kinnock's "consensus politics" and "new realism". The
By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY - Investigations into the case of disappeared left activist Jose Ramon Garcia are uncovering a trail of responsibility and police spying that could become a major scandal. Garcia, a leader in the Cuautla, Morelos
By Sally Low Vaclav Havel, Czechoslovakia's former dissident turned president, once told a reporter it was possible he could again become a dissident. For Dimitrina Petrova and her friends, founding members of Bulgaria's most famous opposition
By Laszlo Andor BUDAPEST — Following persistent attempts by the ruling Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) to concentrate more power in its own hands, key figures in the Hungarian liberal intelligentsia signed a Democratic Charter summarising
By Peter M. Sales Corazon Aquino was swept into office six years ago on the crest of an amazing People Power uprising in the Philippines. But the upcoming election provides stark evidence that the system has not been overhauled. Opportunities
By Norm Dixon "In South Africa all issues are linked together. Homophobia is part of discrimination. We can not deal with it in isolation. We are trying to link our struggle with the struggle of the majority of the people against apartheid and
By Tracy Sorensen Peace and environment activists have hailed as a major victory the French government's announcement on April 9 that it would suspend nuclear testing in the Pacific for a year. Stephanie Mills, who led Greenpeace's recent


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