Privatisation from within SERGEI POROSHIN works at the Lenin Metallurgical Plant in Perm. He is a member of the trade union committee, and also of the Rabochy group. Has the issue arisen of privatising the Lenin plant? The factory has been
By Andrew Nette and Angela Savage BANGKOK — On May 18, we were close to Rajdamoen Avenue, where police and the military had opened fire on pro-democracy demonstrators the night before, and where protesters were still holding out. The
ALEXANDER BUZGALIN is a professor of economics at Moscow State University and one of the leaders of the Party of Labour. BORIS SLAVIN is a political commentator for the newspaper Pravda and a member of the Russian Party of Communists. VADIM
Helmi Fauzi, an activist in Indonesia's pro-democracy and environment movements, has been speaking to students and environmental activists in Australia about the political and economic situation in Indonesia. His tour was organised by AKSI
By Sally Low COPENHAGEN — By voting on June 2 to reject the Maastricht treaty on European political, economic and monetary union, the Danish people have thrown the whole treaty into question. Although the margin was narrow (1.4%), the vote
By Max Lane As expected, the Soeharto regime's GOLKAR party suffered a small drop in its vote in last week's election. Early counting shows GOLKAR dropping from 72% to 67%. The Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI), which ran the closest thing to
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — With price liberalisation and the advance of private ownership, Russians are periodically assured, their country is on course for the market. What is this market, and where is it to be found? People here who
By Peter Annear PRAGUE — By sending a majority of nationalist and left-of-centre candidates into the new federal parliament in June 5-6 elections, Czechoslovakia's voters signalled that the free- market economic reform program is far from
By Miriam Tramer in Israel While Israelis long for peace, they seem unwilling to yield anything for it. In the current election campaign, both Labour and Likud are adamant in rejecting an independent Palestinian state. While Labour, unlike
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — Russia is now suffering from its worst demographic crisis of the postwar period. For the first time since 1945, deaths in November and December 1991 outnumbered births. For every 1000 residents of Moscow in


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