Two months ago, Cyclone Amphan ravaged southwestern Bangladesh, swallowing entire villages along its coastline and compounding monsoonal flooding. Noor-E-Elahi, program assistant at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development spoke to Susan Price about how climate-induced catastrophies are impacting on the people and the country's fight against COVID-19.

Thammasat University in Bangkok has an iconic place in the long history of pro-democracy struggles in Thailand, writes Peter Boyle. On August 10, thousands of students rallied on the campus, in the largest of a string of mass student-led protests that have taken place in most major cities since a July 18.

United States President Donald Trump and the Republicans are planning to sabotage the November election in order to throw it into chaos, writes Barry Sheppard.

An ecological catastrophe is unfolding in Mauritius, as oil continues to spill from a Japanese bulk carrier that struck a reef off its coast on July 25, writes Susan Price.

The deadly ammonium nitrate explosion in Lebanon is a symptom of capitalism's disregard for human life and the environment, writes John Molyneux

Fuel spilling from a Japanese bulk carrier that ran aground on a reef in Mauritius two weeks ago is creating an ecological disaster. This report is drawn from media reports and social media posts by Mauritian ecosocialist organisation Rezistans ek Alternativ.

Green Left's Alex Bainbridge interviewed Aamer Manzoor from the Kashmiri community about solidarity with Kashmir one year after the Indian regime's brutal crackdown and suspension of formal autonomy there.

A series of coordinated protests across South Africa took place on August 1, writes Angela Chukunzira, raising a range of demands including for a universal basic income, universal health care and mass testing to fight COVID-19.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was justified by lies that form the bedrock of the United States' war propaganda in the 21st century, writes John Pilger.

President Donald Trump has targeted the Black Lives Matter movement as “left wing anarchists” and “terrorists”. But the real agent provocateurs are in the White House and its federal agencies, writes Malik Miah.


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