By Catherine Brown The German Constitutional High Court has blocked the Bundestag's liberalisation of abortion laws. An alliance of the Catholic Church, the staunchly conservative Bavarian government and 241 members of parliament, including
By Sri Kandi PHNOM PENH — Cambodia is tense and uncertain. The present impasse cannot go on much longer, with the Khmer Rouge continuing to flout all the conditions laid down in the Paris peace agreement signed last October, and the UNTAC
The British Labour Party is looking for a new way of presenting itself to an electorate that has rejected it at the last four general elections. Major changes are needed if the party is to find success at the polls five years hence; the battle
By Clarence Lusane Demanding more trees, an end to welfare and teacher merit tests, one well-thought-out proposal to rebuild Los Angeles has been virtually ignored by the local and national media. The proposal emanates from the city's infamous
Women to wait longer for pensions By Frank Noakes LONDON — A committee set up by the government has recommended that women wait five years longer to receive their state pensions. The Social Security Advisory Committee proposes that the
By Miriam Tramer BETHLEHEM — I recently had the opportunity to visit a Palestinian refugee camp near here. There I spoke with Fatima and her son, Khalid, about the conditions in the camp. Just half an hour before my visit, there had been a
Mexico's poverty gap widens By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY — Mexico's much touted economic miracle is further and further out of reach for most Mexicans, according to a feature story published in the Mexican daily El Financiero. While
By Frank Noakes LONDON — Reports by environmental groups describe a continuing decline in the quality of life of Britons caused by environmental degradation. Yet the Conservative government continues to treat environmental questions with
By Catherine Brown On August 10 Sir Patrick Mayhem, Britain's secretary of state for the north of Ireland, announced the banning of the Ulster Defence Association, the largest loyalist paramilitary organisation. Within 24 hours, the UDA offices
By Sean Malloy "It has not taken long for Palestinians to realise that the difference between Rabin and Shamir is not as great as previously advertised", writes Daoud Kuttab in Middle East International on the Labour coalition government formed


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