By Catherine Brown Irish women denied access to abortion in their own country are still being denied information about abortion services in Britain. Fourteen students have been threatened with criminal prosecution defying a court injunction
Burn the book By Frank Noakes LONDON — The scent of a scandal is wafting from the walnut-walled boardrooms of the British financial centre, known as the City. Some big companies have had their books in the oven, and Terry Smith has
By Norm Dixon "You cannot keep a people under detention for four years and expect the world to turn a blind eye. What Papua New Guinea and Australia have been doing to Bougainville is no longer a secret. The word is out!", exclaimed Mike
By Allen Jennings MANAGUA — "It was an unforgettable afternoon. The sound of fireworks and cries came from outside. The university rectors looked like children dressed up as old men as they raised their arms and jumped from their seats with
Indonesian death threat Arief Budiman, an outspoken intellectual and sociologist from the Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga, central Java, has complained to local security authorities after receiving anonymous death threats.
NZ pulp and paper workers fight back By Ian Powell WELLINGTON — Although there have been pockets of determined resistance since the introduction of the Employment Contracts Act in May 1991, in general workers have been on the back foot,
Tory crackdown on travellers By Catherine Brown LONDON — The British government on August 18 announced that camping without permission is to become a criminal offence. Caravans of trespassers will be liable to confiscation. The
By Frank Noakes MANCHESTER — Only 100 days after it was founded, Scotland United has a membership of over 7000. The organisation is demanding a referendum on Scotland's status for St Andrew's Day, November 30. Following the April 9 Tory
By Peter Annear SAN FRANCISCO — In the wake of their successful first national gathering last month, activists in the Committees of Correspondence are feeling their way into a discussion about where the organisation should head. This new
By Catherine Brown "The biggest state sell-off" in the European Community is the description, by EC financiers, of the Italian government's privatisation plans. The emergency economic package announced last month includes austerity measures


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