By Norm Dixon In a remarkable turn of events, the recently elected government of Fiji, led by coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka, is applying pressure on the Australian-owned Emperor gold mine's management to recognise the Fiji Mine Workers Union. The
NZ spending falls By Ian Powell WELLINGTON — A report from the Statistics Department has confirmed how extensive and widespread the impact of unemployment and repressive economic policies has been in New Zealand. The department surveyed
By Rodolfo Casals The Cuban economy has developed special and exceptional characteristics since late 1989. The new conditions that emerged as a result of the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe and the subsequent disappearance of the
NZ pulp and paper workers fight back By Ian Powell WELLINGTON — Although there have been pockets of determined resistance since the introduction of the Employment Contracts Act in May 1991, in general workers have been on the back foot,
Tory crackdown on travellers By Catherine Brown LONDON — The British government on August 18 announced that camping without permission is to become a criminal offence. Caravans of trespassers will be liable to confiscation. The
By Catherine Brown The German Constitutional High Court has blocked the Bundestag's liberalisation of abortion laws. An alliance of the Catholic Church, the staunchly conservative Bavarian government and 241 members of parliament, including
By Sri Kandi PHNOM PENH — Cambodia is tense and uncertain. The present impasse cannot go on much longer, with the Khmer Rouge continuing to flout all the conditions laid down in the Paris peace agreement signed last October, and the UNTAC
The British Labour Party is looking for a new way of presenting itself to an electorate that has rejected it at the last four general elections. Major changes are needed if the party is to find success at the polls five years hence; the battle
By Clarence Lusane Demanding more trees, an end to welfare and teacher merit tests, one well-thought-out proposal to rebuild Los Angeles has been virtually ignored by the local and national media. The proposal emanates from the city's infamous
Women to wait longer for pensions By Frank Noakes LONDON — A committee set up by the government has recommended that women wait five years longer to receive their state pensions. The Social Security Advisory Committee proposes that the


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