By Norm Dixon Papua New Guinea's Australian-supplied Iroquois combat helicopters and their Australian and New Zealand "civilian" pilots have again been involved in a serious abuse of human rights, the Solomons Star newspaper has revealed. One
By Norm Dixon Stung by the almost universal condemnation of the September 7 Ciskei massacre, and widespread scepticism over the South African government's claim to be uninvolved, Pretoria has been forced to meet several key demands of the
Nicaraguan hunger strikers win demands MANAGUA — Disabled ex-soldiers, widows and mothers of fallen combatants, and demobilised former soldiers have ended a hunger strike after the government agreed to increase their pensions. After nearly
By Catherine Brown With almost one out of two voters rejecting the Maastricht Treaty, the "yes" vote in the September 20 French referendum poses more questions than answers for a future united Europe. When Denmark said "no" to the treaty on
By Frank Noakes John Norris has just been elected chair of the Executive Committee of the British Green Party at the party's conference in Wolverhampton [see page 28]. He replaces Sarah Parkin in that position. An avowed green socialist, he
The following letter has been received by TAPOL, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign and translated from the Portuguese. To the directors of international human rights institutions in Australia, America, Europe and Africa: Dear Sirs, We are
By Norm Dixon There is mounting evidence that the dreadful September 7 massacre of African National Congress marchers near Bisho by troops loyal to the Ciskei dictatorship was a premeditated ambush organised with the full knowledge of the
ALBERT AGHAZARIAN, Palestinian director of public relations and professor of history at the Bir Zeit University in Jerusalem, attended a conference on Palestine in Geneva on August 28. There he spoke to Frank Noakes from Green Left Weekly.
By Jose Gutierrez For the past three months the political situation in El Salvador has been focused on government's failure to comply with some points of the peace accords, and the consequent delay in their implementation by the Farabundo
Fiji trade unions ban Emperor By Norm Dixon The confrontation between the Australian-owned Emperor Gold Mines Limited and Fiji continues to escalate. On September 17, the Fiji Trades Union Congress voted to ban all equipment and materials


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