MPs' pay rise LONDON — Prime Minister John Major suffered his first defeat on the floor of parliament on July 14. Conservative MPs crossed the floor in defiance of their ministers — to vote themselves a 38% pay rise. The government has
Scargill cleared By Frank Noakes LONDON — Inland Revenue has finally cleared National Union of Mineworkers president Arthur Scargill, and recently retired general secretary Peter Heathfield, of any impropriety in running the union's
Ortega: Cuba remains an example By Denise van Wissen MANAGUA — A day of festivities to celebrate Nicaraguan Solidarity with Cuba was held here on July 26, the 39th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks. Activities included
PALLO JORDAN is a member of the African National Congress National Executive Committee. He is also an elected member of that body's executive, the National Working Committee. Born in 1942, and a graduate of the University of Sussex, he for many
By Kathryn Lewis MANAGUA — In the biggest mobilisation of support for the FSLN since the UNO government of Violeta Chamorro came to power in 1990, more than 50,000 people attended the July 19 rally marking the 12th anniversary of the
Military threatens Thai opposition By Chris Beale The Thai military is attempting through intimidation to cover up the extent of the massacres in May. Death squads have threatened prominent academics and activists trying to compile an
By Frank Noakes LONDON — The Tory government on July 14 announced plans to privatise British Rail. The process, sketched in a 21-page white paper, will begin as early as next year. Under the remarkably vague proposals, BR will retain the
By David Robie AUCKLAND — Prime minister Jim Bolger's government calls for an investigation into allegations of extortion from homeless Pacific islanders desperate for living quarters by staff of the state-owned Housing New Zealand
By Catherine Brown On July 22, the Bundestag overwhelmingly endorsed the German government's decision to send the destroyer Bayern and three reconnaissance planes to join allied forces in monitoring the trade embargo against Serbia and
By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — A meeting of "the representatives of the workers, peasants and the poor of Latin America" was Daniel Ortega's description of the Third Forum of Sao Paulo, held here from July 16 to 19. The Sandinista National


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