By Norm Dixon The Australian government's recent decision to give Papua New Guinea another Iroquois combat helicopter, and to continue to fund the maintenance of the Australian-supplied helicopter fleet, can only further escalate the conflict
Earlier this year, a sizeable portion of the US Communist Party broke from that organisation, charging that it was unwilling or unable to break with its Stalinist heritage. They regrouped in "Committees of Correspondence" to discuss among
South Africa's fence of death By Hugh McCullum It coils and slithers across the barren rocky soil between Mozambique and South Africa like a sinister electric eel. Someone once called it "the devil's fence". South Africa built it in 1985 to
Ortega: Cuba remains an example By Denise van Wissen MANAGUA — A day of festivities to celebrate Nicaraguan Solidarity with Cuba was held here on July 26, the 39th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks. Activities included
PALLO JORDAN is a member of the African National Congress National Executive Committee. He is also an elected member of that body's executive, the National Working Committee. Born in 1942, and a graduate of the University of Sussex, he for many
The following is excerpted from a statement written by East Timorese resistance leader Xanana Gusmao, head of the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM), to the United Nations Decolonisation Committee in New York, July 27, 1992. It was
By Sean Malloy There is widespread dissatisfaction in New Zealand with both the governing National Party and the Labour Party, which, in its previous term in government, introduced many of the right-wing projects now being completed by the
Britain 'shoots messenger' on death squads By Catherine Brown LONDON — Channel 4 television has been heavily fined in an attempt by the Royal Ulster Constabulary to force disclosure of the source for an expose on an "inner force" in the RUC
By Catherine Brown The fountain in Place Saint Michel, outside the courtroom where four senior former health officials are on trial, ran blood red as a reminder by protesters of the 256 haemophiliacs who died after receiving AIDS-infected
By Frank Noakes Hanna Suchocka, Poland's prime minister, has been granted extraordinary powers to deal with the many problems besetting the government as it attempts to force the pace toward a market economy. Poland's experiment with


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