Cuba protests terrorist attack By Gail Reed HAVANA — Cuba issued a protest on October 16 to US authorities an attack on a Varadero beach hotel. Foreign Ministry sources said an official note was handed to the US Interests Section in Havana
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russia's major "new left" political formation, the Party of Labour, held its founding congress here on October 9 and 10. The party was established in the form of an organising committee at the end of August last
Che's memory honoured By Hans Norebrink LA HIGUERA — Twenty-five years ago, on October 8, the legendary guerilla fighter Che Guevara was killed here by the army. This little village in the mountains in the eastern state of Santa Cruz has
By Norm Dixon The existence of the fledgling independent Republic of Bougainville is under grave threat. The Papua New Guinea Defence Force launched a major military push towards the island's capital, Arawa, in the early hours of October 21.
Bolivian Indians look to new era By Hans Norebrink LA PAZ — With red ponchos under a forest of their rainbow-coloured "Wiphala" flags, Indian peasants from all parts of Bolivia marched into the capital on October 12 to mark the 500th
50,000 march in London By Catherine Brown LONDON — Around Hyde Park on October 21, the many dozens of coaches lining the streets were an indication of the distances many protesters against the pit closures had travelled to be there. Others
The case for coal By Frank Noakes LONDON — Michael Heseltine, in announcing the axing of 31 pits said that the economic case for their closure was "unanswerable". Most experts disagree. On environmental grounds, also cited by Heseltine,
By Robert Went AMSTERDAM — Sunday, October 4, 6.42 p.m. A disaster occurs. According to the head of the fire brigade at Schiphol Airport, the chances of such a tragedy were "less than nil". A Boeing 747-200 El Al cargo plane loses two of
Scottish Militant trouncing Labour By Frank Noakes EDINBURGH — Scottish Militant Labour, formed by activists expelled from the Labour Party, has had a series of victories in local council elections in Scotland's largest city, Glasgow. SML
Big success for Alliance in Auckland elections By Keith Locke AUCKLAND — I've never seen business leaders and conservative politicians so glum. For decades, they have ruled local politics in Auckland, but in October 12 elections for four


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