By Sean Malloy "It has not taken long for Palestinians to realise that the difference between Rabin and Shamir is not as great as previously advertised", writes Daoud Kuttab in Middle East International on the Labour coalition government formed
By David Robie AUCKLAND — A Maori tribe which has already laid claim to 80% of New Zealand's South Island has rocked the nation by winning a landmark ruling of the Waitangi Tribunal that the tribe be granted the lion's share of the national
FEDERICO GOMEZ is a representative of the Chuc people, one of the 22 indigenous cultures in Guatemala. He has been visiting Australia for the secretariat of the campaign 500 Years of Black, Indigenous and Popular Struggle. He was interviewed for
Hyundai targets Siberian wilderness The Udege people of the Russian far east are preparing for battle against the Korean conglomerate, Hyundai, which is planning large-scale logging operations in the Primorsky Krai region. The company has
Radio Bougainville returns The voice of independent Bougainville, Radio Free Bougainville, returned to the airwaves on August 9 after an absence of nearly three weeks. RFB was forced off the air by mechanical problems with its transmitting
Blow against censorship in Ireland By Catherine Brown A landmark decision by the Irish High Court on July 31 ruled against some of the censorship practised by the state-owned radio and television station, Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE). RTE
By Grzegorz Peszko CRACOW — The flow of foreign public funding from the West to eastern Europe should be called strategic investment rather than aid. The small amount of funds available mainly benefit the donor country and are allocated
MELANIE BERESFORD, a senior lecturer in South-east Asian history at Wollongong University, recently spent three and a half months doing a research project on industrial development in northern Vietnam. She is also author of National Unification
By Ann Wigglesworth Josefina was married with three children, and a fourth was on its way. Josefina was from a different tribal group from that of her husband, and his family did not approve of the marriage. Belonging to a highly polygamous
By Norm Dixon The Australian government's recent decision to give Papua New Guinea another Iroquois combat helicopter, and to continue to fund the maintenance of the Australian-supplied helicopter fleet, can only further escalate the conflict


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