Putting people first Speaking to the UN General Assembly's third commission on social, humanitarian and cultural issues in early October, Rodolfo Reyes, second secretary of Cuba's UN mission, said Cuba will continue to be a society that puts its
By Helen Jarvis Three months after the July 26 elections, a new Cambodian government is yet to be formed. Despite participating in the National Assembly swearing-in ceremony on September 24, the majority of elected opposition members are now
Secondary students protest prison spending SAN LEANDRO, California — On October 2, thousands of high school students in San Leandro left their classrooms to protest against too much state spending on prisons and too little on schools.
International news briefs Korean bank strike aborted A planned strike led by South Korea's Federation of Bank and Financial Labour Unions (KFBU) to defend 18,700 jobs was called off on September 29, the day it was scheduled to take place. The
By Linda Kaucher Official Indonesian reports of a relaxing of the "military operations zone" status of Irian Jaya (West Papua), and of a cease-fire agreement with OPM (Free Papua Movement) activists, are contradicted by the OPM's denial of such an
Behind India's food crisis By Peter Snowdon NEW DELHI — India stands on the brink of a food crisis to rival the darkest periods of its modern history. "In five years' time, this issue will be settled in the streets with riots, massacres,
By Nadeem A. Ansari Pakistan's chief of the army staff, General Jahangir Karamat, submitted his resignation on the night of October 7 to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. This resignation is a result of Sharif's effort to rule the country with absolute
The myth of Indonesia's development of East Timor By Simon Andrewartha The latest round of UN-sponsored talks between Indonesia and Portugal this month keeps the door of hope open for East Timor's supporters. Yet the daily reality in that country
By Eva Cheng Despite a chain of summit meetings since early October among the world's most powerful countries, they remain far from a solution to the spreading economic crisis which, exploding first in July last year in Asia, is threatening to
Despite its claim to be the world leader in human rights, the United States is failing to respect fundamental rights at home and abroad, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL said on October 6. AI has released a report on US human rights and launched its first
By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY — October 2 was the 30th anniversary of the bloody suppression of the Mexican student movement, when the army opened fire on a demonstration in the Plaza of the Three Cultures in the Tlatelolco housing complex. For
Indonesian anti-military campaign gains support By Max Lane The Indonesian political establishment has finished celebrating two of its most "holy" days. These were Pancasila Day on October 1, celebrating the crushing of the Indonesian Communist
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