Polish doctors restrict abortions By Iwona Knothe WARSAW — A controversial doctors' code of ethics prohibiting most abortions went into effect on May 2, despite warnings that it could increase the death rate among women and that it violates
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — An important breakthrough, it seemed, was about to occur in the fight to defend Russian workers. On May 1, the back-to-Brezhnev Trudovaya Rossiya ("Toiling Russia") bloc was not the only formation calling its
Businesslike generals Two Indonesian generals sacked over the November 12 army massacre in East Timor are using their new-found free time to study management in the United States, the Indonesian magazine Editor said on May 5. Major-General
By Norm Dixon and Tom Jordan The Papua New Guinea government is tightening its military blockade of the besieged island of Bougainville and has mounted further attacks on the civilian population. The latest escalation came to light on April
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — For a brief but dramatic period in mid-April, Russia was without a government. On April 13 first deputy premier Yegor Gaidar and his ministers marched indignantly from the chamber of the Congress of People's
By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY — Mexico city's air pollution crisis continues to occupy the attention of the 20 million inhabitants of the worlds's largest city. In recent weeks, record-breaking ozone levels brought the issue to a head.
By Poul Funder Larsen CHELYABINSK — After picketing the city administration building for 10 days, health workers in this city in the Urals region of Russia went on strike on April 20. There were predictions that their stoppage, called in
By Norm Dixon South Africa is facing a health crisis of massive proportions if the spread of AIDS is not bought under control. Estimates from three recent studies agree that a post-apartheid South Africa may find itself losing between 150,000
By Tracy Sorensen It should not be surprising that a central motif in the television images of the burning of Los Angeles is the car: run down, stopped, its driver hauled out and bashed or even shot, in a furious re-enactment of the original
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — Repeatedly in the past few months, the Russian media have carried reports detailing the sombre news: women in this country are no longer willing to bear children. The reports have noted social causes —


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