By Sean Malloy Is the "no-fly" zone south of the 32nd parallel in southern Iraq a Bush re-election stunt or part of the US establishment's long-term political and economic plans in the Middle East? Dr Bob Springborg, associate professor of
The British Labour Party is looking for a new way of presenting itself to an electorate that has rejected it at the last four general elections. Major changes are needed if the party is to find success at the polls five years hence; the battle
By Clarence Lusane Demanding more trees, an end to welfare and teacher merit tests, one well-thought-out proposal to rebuild Los Angeles has been virtually ignored by the local and national media. The proposal emanates from the city's infamous
Women to wait longer for pensions By Frank Noakes LONDON — A committee set up by the government has recommended that women wait five years longer to receive their state pensions. The Social Security Advisory Committee proposes that the
By Miriam Tramer BETHLEHEM — I recently had the opportunity to visit a Palestinian refugee camp near here. There I spoke with Fatima and her son, Khalid, about the conditions in the camp. Just half an hour before my visit, there had been a
Libya: sanctions' toll Hundreds of Libyans have died as a result of the air embargo imposed on the country by the UN Security Council. The fatalities include 150 adults and children, as well as 100 infants who required medical treatment not
By Catherine Brown Irish women denied access to abortion in their own country are still being denied information about abortion services in Britain. Fourteen students have been threatened with criminal prosecution defying a court injunction
Burn the book By Frank Noakes LONDON — The scent of a scandal is wafting from the walnut-walled boardrooms of the British financial centre, known as the City. Some big companies have had their books in the oven, and Terry Smith has
By Norm Dixon "You cannot keep a people under detention for four years and expect the world to turn a blind eye. What Papua New Guinea and Australia have been doing to Bougainville is no longer a secret. The word is out!", exclaimed Mike
By Allen Jennings MANAGUA — "It was an unforgettable afternoon. The sound of fireworks and cries came from outside. The university rectors looked like children dressed up as old men as they raised their arms and jumped from their seats with


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