Bolivian Indians look to new era By Hans Norebrink LA PAZ — With red ponchos under a forest of their rainbow-coloured "Wiphala" flags, Indian peasants from all parts of Bolivia marched into the capital on October 12 to mark the 500th
50,000 march in London By Catherine Brown LONDON — Around Hyde Park on October 21, the many dozens of coaches lining the streets were an indication of the distances many protesters against the pit closures had travelled to be there. Others
The case for coal By Frank Noakes LONDON — Michael Heseltine, in announcing the axing of 31 pits said that the economic case for their closure was "unanswerable". Most experts disagree. On environmental grounds, also cited by Heseltine,
On a visit to Finland, CRAIG CORMICK found local officials seriously concerned about a possible influx of emigrants from Russia. Finland is strengthening its border with Russia to prevent any uncontrolled entry. As winter brings new, and
By Robyn Marshall Mexico City held a huge party for Rigoberta Menchu Tum on October 20, to celebrate her winning of the Nobel Peace Prize. As soon as she heard the announcement, she had gone to Guatemala to speak with the indigenous Indian
By Catherine Brown The German economy is in deep trouble, and so also is Chancellor Helmet Kohl's coalition government. Green Left Weekly recently spoke to Angela Klein, a leader of the United Socialist Party (VSP), and Andrea Lederer, a member
On October 14, Italy was paralysed by a 24-hour general strike involving 10 million workers. In this article, reprinted from International Viewpoint, LIVIO MAITAN explains the background to the protest. Italy faces its most severe crisis since
By Norm Dixon The Papua New Guinea government's military blockade of Bougainville is coming under increasing international pressure. The European Community and those countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific that receive EC aid (known
By Allen Jennings MANAGUA — The Third Continental Meeting of Indigenous, Black and Grassroots Resistance was held here October 7-12. Delegates from the Miskito, Mapuche, Quechua, Aymara, Sumu, Aleut, Maya and Eskimo communities (to name just
Europe in the grip of austerity Swedish Social Democrats back cuts By Dick Forslund STOCKHOLM — "They looked like two songbirds sitting together on a branch — and with about the same brain power." This was one Swedish writer's comments


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