Nicaraguans commemorate Carlos Fonseca By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — The tomb of Carlos Fonseca in the Plaza of the Revolution was buried under a mound of flowers here on November 8. Fonseca, the founder of the Sandinista Front and the
By Jan Malewski Jozef Pinior, one of the historic leaders of the Polish worker-based democratic mass movement Solidarnosc, has been denied a hearing by the minister of justice to appeal his conviction stemming from the 1988 strikes that were
More Britons face hardship By Frank Noakes LONDON — The sign outside the church proclaims: "Only Jesus saves". This is a lamentable truth in Britain today: no-one else can afford to. Recent statistics highlight the depth of misery in the
Intifada stirs as negotiations falter By Sean Malloy "It does not take much for any intelligent person, who visits the territories, to discover that life is still as sickening if not more so today than it was a few months ago. This leads
MARK NEWHOUSE, ANC (WA) Youth and Student Representative, spoke to a Green Left Weekly forum in Perth on October 28 on the struggle for democracy in South Africa. His talk is presented here slightly abridged. A recent national meeting of
US ministers to run Cuba blockade By Stephen Marks The Interreligious Foundation of Community Organisations and Pastors For Peace are planning to run the US blockade against Cuba. A caravan of 45 vehicles from nine US cities will carry
By Tom Jordan and Norm Dixon The Papua New Guinea Defence Force has suffered significant setbacks in central Bougainville, the defending Bougainville Revolutionary Army has claimed. In the most important incident, BRA militants recaptured the
Sinn Fein activist murdered by UVF By Denis Kevans Sheena Campbell, a Sinn Fein activist, was murdered in Belfast last month. Sheena, 29, was a member of the Six County Sinn Fein Executive, and a woman's activist. Sheena was standing with
By Norm Dixon Apartheid collaborator Chief Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi's Inkatha Freedom Party has intensified the appalling violence in South Africa's Natal Province and his KwaZulu bantustan fief. Inkatha is attempting to drive the African
The main island group of the Philippines is the Visayas. The major islands are Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Negros, Panay, Romblon, Samar and Siquijor. Andrew Garton interviewed Maria Socorro, a community lawyer from PROCESS (Participatory Research,


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