By Winfried Wolf Growth having fallen for three successive quarters, it was announced on February 18 that Germany was officially in recession. The hope had been that Germany could play a role of locomotive and bring the recession to an end
By Steve Painter Libya has condemned United Nations sanctions, imposed by the Security Council against the small north African state last week, as a violation of international law. A Libyan statement says the decision violates the
US prisoners brutalised By Steve Painter Prisoners in the US state of Montana were stripped naked for four days after an alleged riot at the state prison last September, says the American Civil Liberties Union. Authorities sent in a SWAT
By Peter Annear PRAGUE — The murder of a Romany man late last year — he was thrown from a window by a group of marauding racists — tragically focussed attention on the problems faced by the Romany national minority, commonly referred to
PNG investigating timber companies According to Clement Miria, writing in Papua New Guinea's pidgin newspaper Wantok, as many as 40 timber companies which are operating in the country without environmental plans will lose their operating
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Was this to be the next Chernobyl — only 100 kilometres from Russia's second largest city? Early in the morning of March 24, a steam pipe ruptured in the third reactor block of the Sosnovy Bor nuclear power plant
BRUSSELS — Representatives from African and eastern European countries plagued by waste exports from western Europe have urged the European Community to cooperate in ending all hazardous waste exports. At a press conference on March 20,
By Boris Ikhlov PERM — In Magnitogorsk on February 25 the funeral took place of Vladimir Vitalevich Lebedev, one of the main activists of the political association "Worker". Lebedev was driving a Moskvich car and was absolutely sober when he
ANC youth leader framed By Norm Dixon Rapu Molekane, secretary general of the African National Congress Youth League, has been arrested for alleged possession of arms. The ANCYL says Molekane has been framed by police and demanded his
Inkatha threat to Zimbabwean government By Norm Dixon Chief Gatsha Buthelezi's Inkatha Freedom Party has promised opponents of the government in neighbouring Zimbabwe that, should it achieve power in South Africa, it will work to remove


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