Dutch government lets refugee die By Russell Riebelt AMSTERDAM — Unlike Germany, France and Belgium, the Netherlands has no racist political parties winning high votes and no fascists marching in the streets. However, problems in Dutch
Greenpeace closes incinerator AMSTERDAM — Greenpeace activists closed down the largest household waste incinerator in Europe on May 12. They blocked the waste bunker and climbed into the transportation cranes of the AVR plant at Rotterdam.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Four days after the Sosnovy Bor nuclear power plant near St Petersburg released a cloud of radioactive steam on March 24, Yegor Gaidar, first vice-premier in the Yeltsin government, signed plans for a massive
Stepped-up repression in West Bank, Gaza By Sean Malloy Under cover of the Middle East peace conference, Israel's government is increasing repression of Palestinians in the occupied territories and the bombing of south Lebanon. In the
By Miriam Tramer in Israel Amos Wollin, an Israeli citizen since 1939 and a foreign correspondent for Danish and German newspapers, talked to Green Left about the June 23 Israeli elections. He pointed out, however, that although his name is
Tropical timber protest in Austria STOCKERAU, Austria — Greenpeace activists and about 20 Indians from Central and South America blockaded one of Austria's largest tropical timber importers on May 11. A huge model of a saw prevented trucks
By Norm Dixon Despite their picket lines being raided by armed riot police and strikers being jailed, evicted from their company-owned houses and physically attacked by company thugs, 700 workers at the Vatukoula gold mine in Fiji remain on
WASHINGTON — "The big fossil fuel industries have turned what was supposed to be the jewel in the crown of the Earth Summit into a lump of coal", commented Greenpeace spokesperson Paul Hohnen on the Earth Summit global warming accord signed by
By Michael Karadjis On May 6, a court in Greece, which regards itself as "the birthplace of democracy", sentenced four people to 19 months in prison for handing out a leaflet. Another six people are already spending six months in jail for
Return blocked SAN SALVADOR, May 14 — The FMLN charged yesterday that the government is blocking the return home of 258 war-wounded who received medical attention in Cuba. The FMLN says the wounded had received treatment, physical


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