Nicaragua changes police chiefs amid US pressure MANAGUA — The Nicaraguan government has embarked on a series of changes within the national police force amid mounting pressure from the United States and official anger at what is seen as
By Louise Christian In Turkey's Kurdish areas, more than five people die every day (nearly 2000 so far this year) as security forces continue their indiscriminate spree of extrajudicial killings, torture and repression. Locals describe the
By Peter Anderson Robert Green has seen the nuclear industry from the inside, and what he found convinced him he should do everything possible to stop it. A former British navy commander, he is now seeking international support for a campaign
By Alison McCulloch AUCKLAND — In a nationwide referendum on September 19, New Zealanders voted overwhelmingly to reform their current first-past-the-post electoral system. Some 85% favoured switching to a new system. From a list of five
From Nicaragua, STEPHEN MARKS reports on the aftermath of the tsunami that devastated the country's Pacific coast. El Transito was a small fishing village on the coast. We had recently been there for a Sunday afternoon swim; people fished in
Fiji miners closer to victory By Norm Dixon In a dramatic somersault, the Fiji government led by Sitiveni Rabuka has backed striking members of the Fiji Mine Workers Union and ordered the Australian-owned Emperor gold mine to recognise and
By Catherine Brown GENEVA — "The government of Israel is continuing its predecessor's iron-fist policy of oppression, repression and terrorism against our people", Yasser Arafat, chair of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, told activists
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russian President Boris Yeltsin intervened personally during August to block his own corruption-fighting unit from investigating crooked deals by officials of the Moscow city administration. Responding to
Czecho-Slovak federation set to dissolve By Peter Anderson The Czecho-Slovak federation will dissolve on December 31 following an August 26 meeting between leaders of the major parties in the Czech and Slovak republics, the ODS and the HZDS.
By Chris Beale Amid the euphoria of pro-democracy parties winning Thailand's elections on September 13, there was a chill feeling of deja vu. Unstable civilian governments have been one of the Thai military's most used excuses for staging


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