By Karen Wald HAVANA — In what promises to be the first in a long series of popular demonstrations against US tightening of its economic blockade, thousands of Cuban students massed at the University of Havana on September 29, shouting their
By Peter Anderson The independence of the media has been a casualty of the Serbian-inspired war in the now independent republics of the former Yugoslavia. This is the finding of an International Organisation of Journalists mission which visited
US nuclear moratorium US President George Bush on October 2 signed into law legislation that requires an immediate nine-month halt to nuclear weapons testing. The act mandates that the president submit a schedule for nuclear test ban talks with
Mining disaster By Frank Noakes LONDON — The British government will officially announce a plan, already leaked, to close 30 of the remaining deep mined coal pits here, from October 12. Twenty will close immediately, costing 20,000
By Norm Dixon The people of Angola have decisively rebuffed the bid for power by the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) in presidential and parliamentary elections held on September 29 and 30. The ruling Popular
A United States joint House of Representatives-Senate committee voted on October 2 to delete $2.3 million in International Military Education and Training (IMET) funds for Indonesia from the 1993 foreign aid appropriations bill. The decision was
Battered wife freed LONDON — Kiranjit Ahluwalia was released from prison on September 25. Her murder conviction, for killing her brutal husband, had been quashed on July 31, and her plea of guilty to manslaughter on grounds of diminished
By Catherine Brown An Athens football stadium was packed to capacity with 40,000 people on October 6, and another 20,000 gathered outside, all in solidarity with bus workers, who have been on strike since July. The strikers, who have been
By Frank Noakes BLACKPOOL — Tory Sir Robert Peel wrote in the 1820s: "Men (sic) who ... have no property except their manual skill and strength, ought to be allowed to confer together, if they think fit, for the purpose of determining at what
By Norm Dixon "Commuters travelling on trains, buses and taxis have been coming under increasing attack and are daily being exposed to the danger of losing their lives while simply travelling to and fro from their work." This description


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