By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Although there will be 22 candidates on the ballot paper when the Wills by-election takes place on April 11, one progressive independent, Coburg football coach Phil Cleary, believes he has a chance of beating the
By Margaret El-Chami Most charges against more than 200 people arrested during last November's anti-Aidex protests were dropped last week because of lack of evidence. Organisers from Stop Aidex (now called Stop Aus-Tec) say this shows that
Building union clerks on strike By Jenny O'Donnell SYDNEY — Thirty clerical union staff employed by the Building Workers Industrial Union and the Federated Engine Drivers and Firemen's Association have been on strike since March 30 over the
By Peter Boyle The Democratic Socialist candidate for the Wills by-election, Bob Lewis, has condemned the latest ACTU call to cut immigration as a "thinly veiled appeal to racist sentiment" and a "total cop-out on seriously addressing
Timber bill threatens wilderness SYDNEY — An estimated 50,000 hectares of native forest will be logged without any environmental impact statement as a result of the NSW government's new Timber Industry Protection Bill, says Jeff Angel of the
By Melanie Sjoberg MELBOURNE — After much fanfare, Premier Joan Kirner delivered the state Labor government's economic statement on jobs on March 25. The statement was distinguished by the embellishment of its language: ignoring such
New Aidex push SYDNEY — Armaments merchants have begun preparations for an Aidex-type arms bazaar next year. Following a decision by the ACT government not to cooperate with Aidex in future, the promoters are having discussions with
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — A press photographer employed by Rupert Murdoch's Cumberland Press has been forced to leave his job at the Manly Daily after a documentary film in which he was the central character was aired on ABC television on
On March 26, thousands of students participated in a national day of action called by the National Union of Students in protest against federal government proposals to replace Austudy with a loans scheme, and against the Higher Education
WA Aboriginal sites threatened By Leon Harrison PERTH — Aboriginal sacred sites are threatened with destruction at Yakabindie, where the state government has given Dominion Mining the go-ahead to mine for nickel. The advisory Aboriginal


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