By Michael Rafferty The WA Labor government has made a renewed attempt at developing the old brewery site on the Swan River near Kings Park in Perth. On June 2, it announced that a deal would soon be finalised with Multiplex Constructions to
Nurses fight Kirner By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — Nurses here are fighting moves by the state government to cut staffing in the geriatric care area by 50%, reduce standards of care for the elderly and cut working conditions. The Kirner
Fun and info shared at festival By Drake Astrid BRISBANE — World Environment Day started on a high note with a discussion attended by two delegates from each school in the Brisbane area on June 5, and finished with a weekend information
Sand mining sparks protests By Michelle Foal and Bill Mason BRISBANE — "Save Shoalwater Bay, Time is running out!" was the cry as protesters marched through the city streets on June 11. Carrying huge hourglasses with sand trickling through
By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — On June 13, 350 residents and workers rallied outside Premier Joan Kirner's office in Williamstown to oppose a proposed expansion of the Mobil oil refinery. The working-class western suburbs have long been a
Members of the Public Sector Union employed by Telecom (AOTC) have begun a campaign against plans to slash 4400 jobs in the next year. Members of other affected unions are expected to meet within a week. Some unionists claim to have seen a
By Ian Jamieson BURNIE — Capping a tumultuous week, striking Associated Pulp and Paper Mill workers voted on June 9 to return to work, ending for the time being a strike widely described as Tasmania's worst. The mass meeting endorsed a
By Graham Mathews NEWCASTLE — A capacity crowd of around 600 people packed Newcastle Town Hall on May 26 for a public meeting to "Save the Rail". The meeting was called by Newcastle community groups to protest against the decision of the
Garema Place protest By Val Plumwood CANBERRA — Garema Place has become a major gathering place for poor and homeless children and teenagers. Those who gather there spend most of their waking life in the square or on the street. Many of
Story and photo by Michael Karadjis SYDNEY — Chanting "We want peace", "Stop the slaughter" and "Chetniks out" (referring to the Serbian monarcho-fascist militias who are responsible for much of the slaughter in Croatia and


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