Call to relocate brewery By Leon Harrison PERTH — Aboriginal activist Robert Bropho and other members of the Swan Valley Fringedwellers have told the WA Heritage Council to remove the old Swan Brewery and rebuild it elsewhere. The
Wollongong students strike By Col Hesse WOLLONGONG — Students at Wollongong Uni were called upon to strike by their SRC on July 29 to protest against the high level of fees and charges levied by the administration. According to Craig
Public meeting Youth unemployment: A generation betrayed Young employed activists discuss strategies for real job creation, living wages, and an environmentally sustainable economy. Panel includes: Wendy Robertson, Resistance; Mary Macgregor,
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Unless the government funds a major refurbishment program, the Indian-Pacific passenger train will be forced to shut down. If it does, say environmentalists, it will be the culmination of decades of government
FOE condemns ANSTO amendment SYDNEY — Friends of the Earth has written an urgent request to the federal government to repeal the ANSTO Amendment Act. The recent act exempts the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation from state
By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — Some of the strongest complaints about government and opposition plans to "train" young people for jobs that don't exist concern the exploitation this will make possible. In fact, there is already considerable
By David Wright HOBART — "I am not here to talk about unemployment ... This report is not a solution to unemployment ... My brief was education and youth training", Laurie Carmichael told a public forum here on July 23. Carmichael, author
Prison camps for homeless? By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland's 1000 "feral street kids" should be rounded up and taken to bush work camps where they would be used to provide labour for community work schemes, according to the
This week, supporters of Green Left Weekly launched an ambitious national campaign to take the circulation of the paper to a new level. The aim of the campaign, to get 1000 new subscribers over the next 10 weeks, reflects the conviction among
Grey-haired youth representatives By John Smith CANBERRA — Prominent at the jobs summit was an organisation that most people had not heard of before: the Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition (AYPAC). The young people who attended


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