By Ian Jamieson BURNIE — Tasmanian paper giant APPM is continuing to up the ante in its drive to eliminate unions from its large plant here. Among its latest moves is a series of civil writs against union officials, including ACTU president
Death by racism in WA By Leon Harrison PERTH — Legal action is being taken by the father of an Aboriginal youth who was a victim of the state Labor government's racist campaign concerning juvenile crime. Louis Johnson died on January 4,
Transport unions strike By Garry Walters MELBOURNE — The public transport system came to a halt here on April 29 as 2000 rail, bus and tram workers attended a stop-work meeting on a 6% pay claim under the enterprise bargaining provisions
Talking union A parliamentary inquiry into the status of women has recommended changes to the Affirmative Action Act, including tougher penalties for companies not complying with the act. At present, compliance is voluntary and the stiffest
Timor book launched By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — "The Western world has a moral and political obligation to tell the truth," East Timor community representative Lucia Corte-real told a gathering here to launch a new book, East Timor: A
By Rose McCann WOLLONGONG — For the first time in living memory, this year's May Day march was led here by women workers, members of the Federated Clerks Union (FCU). This was in keeping with a long-standing South Coast tradition, which gives
Aytas coming to Sydney By Emlyn Jones SYDNEY — Representatives of the Aytas, an indigenous Philippines tribe who were removed from their ancestral land to make way for the US military bases, will arrive here on May 8. The two, Ben
Brisbane free speech campaign By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Supporters of free speech held a speak-out in the Queen Street Mall on May 1 to oppose city council plans to restrict activities in the area. ALP Lord Mayor Jim Soorley, under
Rally backs Newnham By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Several hundred people, including many police, rallied in King George Square on May 1 in support of stood-down police commissioner Noel Newnham, recently found guilty of official misconduct and
By Sean Malloy The federal government has amended the Social Security Act to stop unemployed people under the age of 21 from receiving a training allowance while attending CES courses. Michael Raper, coordinator of the Welfare Rights Centre


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