Euan McKenzie By Dr Ian Alexander PERTH — The death of Euan McKenzie represents a significant loss to the community of the left. Euan was a tireless, humanitarian and exceptionally dedicated worker for progressive politics in a
Plan to counter anti-homosexual violence By Nick Ward BRISBANE — Campaigns against anti-lesbian and gay violence are anticipated following meetings here on April 27. A conference was held by the LRAT (Legal Research Advisory Trust for the
Unions in tiff with Kirner By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — A plan to corporatise state utilities, including the State Electricity Commission, the Gas and Fuel Corporation and Melbourne Water, has been endorsed by the Kirner government's cabinet
By Sean Malloy The federal government has amended the Social Security Act to stop unemployed people under the age of 21 from receiving a training allowance while attending CES courses. Michael Raper, coordinator of the Welfare Rights Centre
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Following the decision of the Western Australian government to restrict the distribution of People and Picture magazines to outlets registered for the sale of "adult publications", the Victorian government announced
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — Women have suffered disproportionately as a result of the rise of "law and order politics" in the 1980s, according to the organisers of an upcoming conference on "Women, Imprisonment and Law & Order". Women are
Commission backs off over Killiekrankie By Steve Painter SYDNEY — The NSW Forestry Commission is negotiating with the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) over logging operations begun at Mt Killiekrankie in northern NSW as a result of the
Earth Summit notes MADRID — Greenpeace Spain says the Earth Summit is in danger of becoming a carnival used by some governments to "greenwash" their image on environmental questions. Spokesperson Marie Luisa Toribio accused transnational
Davidson swings against Liberals By Angela Matheson SYDNEY — The Liberal Party won the Davidson by-election on May 2, but not without a backlash from voters showing their disgust with the Nick Greiner government over the Metherell affair.
By Ian Jamieson BURNIE — Tasmanian paper giant APPM is continuing to up the ante in its drive to eliminate unions from its large plant here. Among its latest moves is a series of civil writs against union officials, including ACTU president


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