By Kath Gelber ADELAIDE — More than 350 women from around the country gathered here for a very successful Network of Women Students in Australia Conference from July 7 to 10. The four days were packed with speakers on a range of topics,
Century of the child em = By Denis Kevans If you could look into their eyes as I do every day, You wouldn't write the things you write, or say the things you say, You wouldn't put these children down, and bruise their tender pride, And
By Rose McCann SYDNEY — NSW education minister Virginia Chadwick has backed away from changes to the years 7-10 geography syllabus after an unrepresentative elite of private school principals rammed through a number of amendments. The course
High Court challenge to Cleary By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — The High Court will hear a challenge to left independent Phil Cleary's victory in the April by-election for former prime minister Bob Hawke's Victorian seat of Wills. The
A 16-year-old retail worker currently earns $192 a week, rising to $346 at the age of 20. Under Hewson's plan, this person old would get only $114 a week, and 18-20-year-olds would get $133. Peter Ritchie, the managing director of McDonald's fast
Airport transport workers have accepted a 6% wage rise following strike action last week by aircraft refuellers and tanker drivers. The strike was the third major action in 18 months over award restructuring in the industry. PERTH — The
Fahey bashes building union By Steve Painter SYDNEY — The minority Liberal government of NSW, under new Premier John Fahey, is preparing legal action for deregistration of the Building Workers Industrial Union (BWIU) in line with a
Affirmative action under review By Monique Choy SYDNEY — Proposed changes to the Affirmative Action Act will shortly be presented to federal parliament. Earlier this year, interest groups and individuals participated in discussions around
By Deb Sorensen MELBOURNE — As increasing public attention focuses on youth anger over persistent unemployment, Resistance held its 21st national conference here on July 4-6. Young activists came from across the country to plan action around
Cleary urges 'progressive independent' candidates By Pip Hinman MELBOURNE — "The ALP has lost its way and the Opposition is a joke," Phil Cleary, independent MP for Wills, told a public meeting of about 200 people on July 9. The meeting on


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