Anti-racism trust set up in WA By Leon Harrison PERTH — The parents of an Aboriginal youth killed in January in a racist attack have set up a trust to counter racism. Bill Johnson is still deeply angered by the death of his 19-year-old
By Sean Malloy The youth organisation Resistance, widely known for its recent campaign around the Fact and Fantasy File Diary, will discuss a charter of youth rights at its national conference in July. The group is seeking suggestions and
By Dick Nichols SYDNEY — The crash of the paper entrepreneurs of the 1980s — Bond, Skase and the rest — has been accompanied by the waning of "economic rationalism", the doctrine that sanctified the decade of greed. Now "economic
NSW Liberals in disarray By Barry Healy SYDNEY — The New South Wales government is in serious disarray as the scandal over the attempt to give Liberal renegade Dr Terry Metherell a plum Public Service job moves into its second month. The
By Tracy Sorensen When the financial bubble burst for the Laurie Connells, Alan Bonds and Christopher Skases in the late '80s, losing their lenders spectacular sums, the banks turned on the poor to extract some compensation. Those with bank
Euan McKenzie By Dr Ian Alexander PERTH — The death of Euan McKenzie represents a significant loss to the community of the left. Euan was a tireless, humanitarian and exceptionally dedicated worker for progressive politics in a
Plan to counter anti-homosexual violence By Nick Ward BRISBANE — Campaigns against anti-lesbian and gay violence are anticipated following meetings here on April 27. A conference was held by the LRAT (Legal Research Advisory Trust for the
Unions in tiff with Kirner By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — A plan to corporatise state utilities, including the State Electricity Commission, the Gas and Fuel Corporation and Melbourne Water, has been endorsed by the Kirner government's cabinet
By Rose McCann SYDNEY — Late on the afternoon of May 8, clerks employed by the Building Workers Industrial Union (BWIU) and the Federated Engine Drivers and Firemen's Association (FEDFA) learned they had won their strike. The 36 clerks had
By Monique Choy SYDNEY — Eight members of the Sydney Rainforest Action Group (SRAG) were convicted of unreasonable obstruction last week. The judge compared their peaceful protest last year to the Los Angeles riots. Their rally outside the


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