In a cynical attempt to quash free speech and pro-Palestinian activism by staff and students, management at the University of Sydney announced a new Campus Access Policy. Markela Panegyres reports.

Supporters of the Powerhouse Museum are concerned that NSW Labor is not sticking to its promise to retain the arts and sciences museum. Tom Lockley reports.

More than 200 Palestine solidarity campaigners joined a community picket against Electromold in Thomastown. Jacob Andrewartha reports.

Participants and organisers alike were inspired by the Ecosocialism 2024: Climate Action Not War conference. Jacob Andrewartha reports on the gathering which was aimed at building a stronger anti-capitalist movement.

Western Australian Senator Fatima Payman has resigned after pressure from Labor colleagues. Payman refused to abide by Labor caucus discipline over Palestine and Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Peter Boyle reports.

Melbourne palestine rally

Gaza is a grave yard for thousands of children, with more children killed in Israel’s siege of Gaza than world conflicts over the last four years.

The Rising Tide national tour arrived outside Labor MP Peter Khalil’s office in Coburg and dumped a truck load of bull shit in protest at its climate ‘policy’. Darren Saffin reports.

Isaac Nellist asked some attendees at the Ecosocialism 2024 conference about what they thought were its highlights. 

Woolworths EBA

The Retail and Fast Food Workers’ Union has promised to contest the new enterprise bargainning agreement at Woolworths, after the largest No vote in Australian history. Isaac Nellist reports. 

The City of Sydney Council decided to start investigating its ties to companies that are complicit in human rights abuses in Palestine, including the illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian Territories. Jim McIlroy reports.

palestine protest in melbourne

For the 37th consecutive week protesters took to the streets around the country to protest Labor’s complicity in Israel being able to continue its genocide in Gaza for nine months.

The federal Disability Discrimination Act states that public transport in all states and territories must be fully accessible by the end of 2022. But Darren Saffin reports that the Victorian government is ignoring this.