Perth women reclaim the night By Mary Nielson PERTH — Approximately 2000 women gathered at Claremont Park on Bayview Terrace on the evening of October 31 for the annual Reclaim the Night rally and march. This was a significant turnout in
Tasmanian forest deal signed By Kylie Moon HOBART — A Tasmanian Wilderness Society protest in Perth, 15 minutes' drive from Launceston, on November 8 failed to prevent John Howard and the Tasmanian politicians there for the day from signing a
Meeting debates protection of NSW national parks By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — The Carr Labor government is taking NSW national parks down the commercialisation road via its recently drafted "Access Strategy Plan". Up to 300 people attended a
Not in Kakadu, not anywhere! By Andrew Gough KAKADU — The November 5 "open day" at the Ranger uranium mine was met with an emotional, non-violent protest against the approval by the federal government of a new uranium mine at nearby Jabiluka.
Convicted for possessing a book Queensland's most dangerous book, The Book of Bud, has claimed its second victim. Steve Dimitriou, perennial Australian Marijuana Party candidate (he first stood as the AMP Senate candidate in South Australia in
By Ted Lord PENRITH — In the largest rally ever here, some 4000 people marched down High Street to a rally at Penrith Stadium on a "Walk for Reconciliation" on November 1. Supported and organised by local church and community groups, the rally
Rally against Olympic rent increases By Margaret Gleeson SYDNEY — Rentwatchers, a coalition of community groups (including Redfern Legal Centre, Tenants Union of NSW, Tenants Advice Services and Shelter NSW) has called a demonstration outside
Doing it ourselves John Howard's most recent ludicrous comments on his plan to further dispossess Australia's indigenous people are a stark reminder (as if we needed it) that the Coalition government is completely out of touch with the reality of
By Lachlan Malloch SYDNEY — Around 600 people marched here on November 8 to commemorate the November 12, 1991 Dili Massacre in East Timor. After a mass held at St Marys cathedral in the city, hundreds of East Timorese left the church, each
Greenhouse rally planned in Adelaide Greenhouse rally planned in Adelaide ADELAIDE — A rally, march and bike ride are planned for the November 30 greenhouse national day of action. The bike ride is planned for 10:30 am, starting and finishing
A coalition of more than 20 environment groups has written to federal and state environment ministers to oppose a move by the federal government to water down national air quality standards. The groups, including the Australian Conservation
Youth protest discrimination by Myer By Alex Hlivka BRISBANE — On October 31, 250 people protested against Myer Centre security staff's ejection of Aborigines, homeless people, punks and people without shoes from the centre. After hearing
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