A protest outside Siemens office in Melbourne, December 10.

Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser issued a statement on January 12 confirming the multinational conglomerate will fulfil its contract with Indian mining giant Adani to undertake signalling work for the rail link project to its proposed mega coal mine in Central Queensland.

Disgracefully, Victorian authorities took more than a week to confirm the death in custody of another Yorta Yorta woman on January 2. Veronica Nelson was being held at a maximum-security prison in Melbourne for a minor crime when she died.

Uncle Wayne Wharton told Green Left that the federal Coalition government are hypocrites for spending millions of dollars marking James Cook’s 1770 landing on the east coast. He said First Nations communities are “totally insulted” by the millions of dollars being spent on the celebrations.

Gandolfo Gardens picket, January 15

The battle to save a historic park in Melbourne's inner north from the Victorian state government’s wrecking ball is continuing, despite police efforts to stop it.

A list of Invasion Day protests and events happening across Australia on January 26.

Several hundred people marched through the streets of Parramatta for climate action on January 14 in one of the largest rallies there in years.

As catastrophic bushfires continue and the climate emergency escalates, speakers called on Western Sydney councils, including Parramatta, to declare a climate emergency, for a swift transition away from fossil-fuels to renewable energy and for proper support and funding for firefighters.

The first Activist Report for 2020 focuses on the huge climate rallies across Australia on January 10, instigated by University Students for Climate Justice.

As the country has been engulfed in catastrophic bushfires for weeks with lives lost, homes and businesses destroyed and air quality readings in cities reaching toxic levels it was no surprise that so many people attended.

There was palpable anger towards Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his refusal to take action on the climate emergency. Anti-Morrison chants spread through the marches like wildfire.

As the bushfire emergency drags on, with large parts of the country devastated, unions are demanding the government provide greater support for the firefighters, more assistance to the affected communities and to confront the climate change reality.

Australia Institute poll Jan 2020

Poll results released on January 9 by the Australia Institute think tank show that even before the bush fire emergency peak around the week following New Year's eve,  66% of people in Australia believe the country "is facing a climate change emergency and should take emergency action".

Around 100 people formed a circle at the Queen Victoria Building on January 5 to call for urgent government intervention on the fire emergency, support for the firefighters, and real action to combat climate change. The vigil was organised by Extinction Rebellion Sydney.


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