By Jennifer Thompson SYDNEY — TAFE teachers, students and support staff will join the national day of action for higher education on April 1. They will be protesting against federal and state funding cuts to TAFE. The TAFE Teachers Association,
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Bus drivers employed by Brisbane City Council (BCC) walked out for 24 hours on March 26. A Public Transport Union statement released on March 25 noted: "[The strike] is in response to BCC's claims for an increase in
Danger of compromise in WA abortion fight By Sarah Stephen PERTH — When WA parliament resumes on March 31 after a week's recess it will decide on the future of the state's restrictive abortion laws. During the recess, politicians discussed
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — An estimated 3000 people rallied on March 21 at the GPO to oppose the Howard government's 10-point plan. The rally was organised to promote a statement endorsed by a coalition of groups calling for the abandonment of the
By Jennifer Thompson SYDNEY — The National Aboriginal History and Heritage Council (NAHHC) has taken the next step in its campaign to establish an Aboriginal history and cultural museum on the Elizabeth Street site of the Australian Hall. The
Abortion campaigning in Hobart By Kamala Emanuel HOBART — The prosecution of WA doctors for performing an abortion has once again brought into public view the anti-abortion laws across Australia. Hobart pro-choice activists are organising two
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — Attempts by the right-dominated leadership of the Victorian ALP resulted in to foist a "star" candidate — former ABC broadcaster Mary Delahunty — onto the suburban state seat of Northcote has produced objections from
Sea of Hands A Sea of Hands, organised by Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation, was held at Sydney's Bondi Beach on March 20-21 before moving on to Wollongong. Photo by Carla Gorton.
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Power workers at Queensland's four major electricity stations have threatened to sue Liberal deputy premier Joan Sheldon over remarks she made blaming possible union "sabotage" for the power breakdowns which caused
Criminal justice activists conference By Karen Fletcher The 2nd annual conference of community justice activists — Law and Order: Whose agenda is it anyway? — will be held in Brisbane, March 26-28. The conference will bring together activists
By Ian Jamieson Tasmania's minority Liberal government is continuing to receive stunning blows as a result of its attempt to "reform" local government in Tasmania. In a series of Australian Electoral Commission-run polls organised by seven
By Rupen Savoulian SYDNEY — An estimated 8-10,000 people braved inclement weather to attend a rally against the proposed second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek on March 15. An alliance of western Sydney local councils organised the rally at