Today's tasks: ten-point justice "Our ten points: a long-range policy for Aborigines" was adopted at the 1938 Day of Mourning and Protest held in Australian Hall, and published in the first edition of the Australian Abo Call newspaper in April
Battle against developers continues By Alistair Dickinson and Rupen Savoulian SYDNEY — Craig Knowles, NSW minister for urban affairs and planning, is expected soon to announce the future of the former Australian Defence Industries (ADI) site
Telstra workers resist forced transfers By Bill Mason BRISBANE — One hundred and fifty Telstra workers attended a protest meeting on January 30 after the company announced a plan to centralise its faults-recording network in Melbourne, forcing
Perth protest against Howard By Sarah Stephenand Katie Miles-Barnes PERTH — On January 25, 150 people gathered outside Government House to peacefully protest against an address by John Howard. The rally was opposing the Wik 10-point plan,
ACT restricts democracy in elections By Russell Pickering CANBERRA — The Democratic Socialists, who are standing three candidates for the seat of Molonglo in the February 21 ACT election, are experiencing the difficulties encountered by
Twenty uranium mines threaten WA By Justin Harman PERTH — The federal government's decision to remove restrictions on uranium mining has given a new lease of life to mining giants interested in uranium projects in WA. Already, more than 20
Howard plan punishes young people By Francesca Davis In his state of the federation address on January 26, Prime Minister John Howard announced a massive expansion of the work for the dole scheme. Originally a pilot scheme involving some 1400
Militant struggles in isolation may be heroic, but only a struggle that gains support from other organised workers and the general public can win its demands. Over the last week, the establishment media have been doing their utmost to ensure that the
New WA anti-graffiti laws By Sean Martin-Iverson PERTH — The state Liberal government has moved to make WA's already draconian anti-graffiti laws even harsher. The existing legislation, which allows for penalties of 200 hours of community
'Slave labour', say youth By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Howard government's move to extend the compulsory work for the dole scheme is akin to conscription and slave labour, according to a group of young people interviewed in the January 29
NT TLC condemns Labor leader over Jabiluka By Tim E. Stewart DARWIN — Support for the campaign against the proposed uranium mine at Jabiluka has been strengthened after the NT Trades and Labour Council at its January meeting condemned NT Labor
By Alison Dellit NEWCASTLE — A decision by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission on January 29 refused workers at Rio Tinto's Hunter Valley No. 1 mine access to arbitration to resolve the long-running dispute at the mine. The dispute