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By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — How did women live in the USSR when perestroika was in the future, and when the word "market" referred only to a large covered space where foodstuffs cost more than in the shops? Considerably worse than men, if the

By Frank Noakes LONDON — English Heritage is set to hive off half of its ancient monuments and properties and sack 25% of its workforce in a move prompted by the Tory government. In three years time all remaining 300 Heritage craftspersons will go

By Peter Anderson Richard and Toby Weibe live in San Francisco but over the years they have spent some time in Germany, studying at the University of Münster in 1959 and visiting Berlin in 1987. Last year they went back to see what changes

By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — "The Lithuanians have elected former communists!" The results of the October 24 elections in Lithuania still had not been finalised when this sensational news flashed across the pages of the newspapers. For the

New step toward criminalisation of abortion in Poland By Cyril Smuga On October 22, a special commission set up to study the proposed law on "the juridical protection of conceived children" voted 12-6 to recommend that the proposal be adopted

Laotian independence leader dies By Stephen Robson Kaysone Phomvihane, the President of Laos and a prominent leader of the independence struggle in Laos died on November 21 at the age of 71. Kaysone participated in the student movement

By Slavko Mihaljcek After successfully resisting a five-month siege, the Bosnian town of Jajce fell to the Serbo-Yugoslav army on October 29, only after bombing from the air. Of course, Radio Belgrade has denied that the Serb air force took

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "I'll buy your voucher for 1000 roubles! Phone now — the price will go down!" Some weeks ago that hand-written notice was pasted up outside the bread shop where my neighbours and I queue in the autumn frosts.

By Harry Blutstein Paul Rose was bemused by my question as to whether making a bomb was difficult. As a member of the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ) during 1969 and 1970 he would have addressed this task more than once as part of

East Timor has been occupied by Indonesia for 17 years. On December 17 this year Portugal and Indonesia will be holding negotiations at UN headquarters in New York over East Timor. Gusmao, 46, a poet, journalist, and graduate of the Catholic

By Frank Noakes LONDON — Shattered glass underfoot, the muffled explosion of another car igniting, the sound of running feet, the smashing of a Molotov cocktail; more fire; shouts and the smell of fear; the baton charge. Next night, the same.

Iraqi children pay for war CHICAGO — An estimated 46,900 Iraqi children under the age of five died in the eight months following the beginning of the Persian Gulf War from causes directly related to the war according to an article in the

By Sean Malloy It has been another harsh year for Palestinians. For those in exile it has been a year of frustrating diplomatic work, while at the same time re-winning some ground in the sphere of international support. For Palestinians in the

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW, Dec. 4 — As a blast of Siberian air held temperatures in the Russian capital around minus 20, deputies gathered in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses on December 1 for the opening of the Seventh Congress of People's

By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — Workers and campesinos affiliated to the National Workers Front (FNT) marched on the offices of President Violetta Chamorro in Managua on November 25 as negotiations started between FNT leaders and the Nicaraguan

US urges Yeltsin to become dictator By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW, Dec. 4 — If Boris Yeltsin has so far resisted the temptation to shut down the Russian parliament and install himself as dictator, it's not because of warnings from across the

By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — Noticieros Univision is a slick pro- imperialist "news" show broadcast in Spanish from Miami and beamed each evening into Nicaragua and the rest of Latin America. On November 16 a lead item announced that

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "We intend to come to power from below, by winning the political trust of the people." This was how Party of Labour leader Aleksandr Buzgalin mapped out the future of the Union of Democratic Left Forces, formed at a

Crude fabrication from Indonesian regime A press release and tapes purporting to be comments made by Xanana Gusmao, leader of the East Timorese independence movement for over a decade, were released by Indonesian armed forces in Jakarta on

By Norm Dixon The African National Congress in mid-November adopted its approach to the upcoming round of discussions with the de Klerk regime about the resumption of constitutional negotiations. The document adopted by the ANC National Working

Young Scottish Nationalists call for radical policies Attending the Scottish National Party Conference in Perth in September, CATHERINE BROWN from Green Left Weekly talked to Nicola Sturgeon and Shona Robison from Young Scottish Nationalists,

By Catherine Brown DUBLIN — "The main reason for this referendum is because the government does not accept that suicidal tendency is a reason for abortion", explained the then Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds. On November 26, not only was

The Alliance is a new progressive force that has emerged in New Zealand politics. It unites the Greens, the movement for Maori self-determination Mana Motuhake, the Democrats (who emerged from the former Values Party), the Liberals and the

By Allen Myers PHNOM PENH — At a press conference on December 1, government spokespeople provided details on recent Khmer Rouge military advances. With government forces partially disarmed under the terms of the UN Paris peace accord, KR

Evans gets in on the act Australian taxpayers' funds are providing indirect support to the opposition side of Cambodian politics. In late November, foreign minister Gareth Evans approved a donation of A$20,000 to the "Khmer Institute of

By Allen Myers PHNOM PENH — US Cambodian scholar Michael Vickery ruffled a few feathers at a seminar here on November 28 when he referred to the United Nations project in this country as "the Nicaragua- isation of Cambodia". The comparison

By Stephen Robson As with other Third World countries, Vietnam has had a long struggle just to establish some basics of medical care that are taken for granted in industrialised countries. Take the problem of trachoma for example, an issue

By Ali Jaber After adding political power to his US$3 billion worth of financial strength, Rafik Hariri, Lebanon's new prime minister, is on his way to becoming the Arab world's media tycoon. Hariri, 48, who was appointed prime minister last

By Harry Blutstein There is nothing particularly remarkable to the casual visitor about Oka, a small town about 60 kilometres north west of Montreal. At the junction of the Ottawa River and the St Lawrence, it is an affluent village with the

By Emlyn Jones Jaime Tadeo, "Ka Jimmy", is the chairperson of the KMP, the peasant movement of the Philippines. He is currently in prison, serving an 18-year sentence on frame-up charges. In 1979 Tadeo resigned from his job in the National

By Karen Wald HAVANA — Thirty years after the missile crisis that led the world to the brink of nuclear war ended with a pledge by the US government that it would not invade Cuba nor encourage those who wished to do so, two separate actions

Border guards convicted By Bryan R. Thomas BONN — Two former East German border guards were pronounced guilty of manslaughter on January 20 for shooting dead Chris Gueffroy when he attempted to escape over the Berlin Wall. Gueffroy, a

Business as usual By Norm Dixon In a quiet ceremony on January 6, Australia and Indonesia agreed to four new contracts to explore for oil in the Timor Sea. The two governments signed contracts with oil-exploration groups BHP Petroleum and

California Greens registered The California Green Party has signed up more than the 80,000 voters needed to give it ballot status under the state's electoral laws. The registration campaign took 18 months. "Californians now have an

Antiwar actions in Serbia By Joe Hanlon More than 85,000 Serbians have signed a petition calling for a referendum on whether Serbs should fight Croatians. Under the Serbian constitution, when the total passes 100,000 — probably in late

US gay and lesbian solidarity with Cuba By Kim Spurway "The struggle for lesbian and gay liberation must be a struggle against racism, poverty and sexism. It is a struggle for equal access to health care, education and human rights. I believe

By Tracy Sorensen DARWIN — The Australian government should stop trying to delay the inevitable and recognise East Timor's right to independence, Fretilin's representative in Australia, Alfredo Ferreira, told Green Left in an interview here

By Max Elbaum CLEVELAND — The most polarised and dramatic Communist Party USA convention in at least 35 years ended in two starkly different ways here on December 8. In the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton City Center — guarded by numerous

By John C. Brittain PORT-AU-PRINCE — "There will be no real Christmas here this year", says the owner of an elegant hilltop hotel with a scenic view of this Haitian capital. The innkeeper is speaking of the unstable political and economic

Ku Klux Klan in Germany By Angela Matheson Racism is on the rise in Germany. The magazine Der Spiegel published a poll last week showing that one in three Germans believe the Jews contributed, in part, to their mass extermination by the Nazis