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The case for coal By Frank Noakes LONDON — Michael Heseltine, in announcing the axing of 31 pits said that the economic case for their closure was "unanswerable". Most experts disagree. On environmental grounds, also cited by Heseltine,

50,000 march in London By Catherine Brown LONDON — Around Hyde Park on October 21, the many dozens of coaches lining the streets were an indication of the distances many protesters against the pit closures had travelled to be there. Others

Bolivian Indians look to new era By Hans Norebrink LA PAZ — With red ponchos under a forest of their rainbow-coloured "Wiphala" flags, Indian peasants from all parts of Bolivia marched into the capital on October 12 to mark the 500th

By Norm Dixon The existence of the fledgling independent Republic of Bougainville is under grave threat. The Papua New Guinea Defence Force launched a major military push towards the island's capital, Arawa, in the early hours of October 21.

Che's memory honoured By Hans Norebrink LA HIGUERA — Twenty-five years ago, on October 8, the legendary guerilla fighter Che Guevara was killed here by the army. This little village in the mountains in the eastern state of Santa Cruz has

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russia's major "new left" political formation, the Party of Labour, held its founding congress here on October 9 and 10. The party was established in the form of an organising committee at the end of August last

Cuba protests terrorist attack By Gail Reed HAVANA — Cuba issued a protest on October 16 to US authorities an attack on a Varadero beach hotel. Foreign Ministry sources said an official note was handed to the US Interests Section in Havana

By Frank Noakes CHESTERFIELD, Derbyshire —"The campaign for peace and justice begins here tonight", left-wing Labour Party MP Tony Benn told a crowd of 10,000 protesters in the market square on the cold Saturday night of October 17. At the

Vigil against blockade By Norm Dixon SYDNEY — Fourteen-year-old Kirrallee Gillespie, braving bitterly cold wind and rain, began a lone vigil outside the Papua New Guinea consulate on October 20. She has vowed to remain until PNG's consul

By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — "We haven't had a single case of a woman being murdered", the head of a Moscow callgirl agency boasted recently to a reporter for the journal Business World. For Russian gangsters dissatisfied with the returns

By Max Lane Joel Rocamora is a political analyst and activist in the progressive movement in the Philippines. He was recently in Australia to attend the Philippines: 100 years of Struggle; 100 Years of Solidarity Conference organised by the

US President George Bush on October 23 signed into law the Torricelli Bill, tightening Washington's blockade against Cuba. The law forbids US subsidiaries abroad to trade with the island, sanctions countries trading with Cuba or giving it

Sanctions causing deaths in Libya Reuters reported on October 20 that four members of the British parliament who visited Libya said they had learned that at least 200 Libyan civilians had died so far as a result of UN sanctions imposed on April

By Norm Dixon The Papua New Guinea government has sent 40 troops to Bougainville who have just completed intensive counterinsurgency, jungle warfare and commando training at the Australian Defence Force base in Canungra, near the Gold Coast in

By Chris Beale After narrowly winning the general election on September 13, Thailand's new pro-democracy government is already being destabilised by a series of bomb attacks. The same bombing and assassination tactics used during the

By Miriam Tramer

A unique feature of the Israeli kibbutz has been the totally communal child-care arrangements. These were made possible only by the complete social ownership of all property — even, in the early days, to the extent of personal clothing and effects.

The commitment to the ideal of communal work and ownership extended to communal upbringing of the children. It was strongly believed that the bourgeois family was at the root of individualistic impulses and that communal child rearing would inculcate cooperative ones.

By Abdullah Saleh YOGYAKARTA — Riot police attacked about 100 people attending a forum on the need for independent youth organisations here on October 27. Participants in the forum wanted to discuss alternatives to the Indonesian National

By Pinar Selinay ISTANBUL — How easy is it to hide a war? In its rapidly escalating war against the Kurds, Turkey is careful to keep the matter as hushed as possible, while the Kurds lack the resources to make their cause known

Nicaraguan solidarity conference By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — "We need to have alternatives ready when its failure and mass opposition bring the neo-liberal project down." This was one delegate's comment at an international conference in

World Cup message LONDON — The north of England is the heartland not only of the mining industry but also of rugby league. As the October 24 World Cup Final between Australia and Britain approached, rumblings were heard from British players

Mass rally for miners and jobs By Frank Noakes LONDON — Up to 250,000 people from around Britain marched through central London in appalling weather on Sunday, October 25, to show their anger at continuing job cuts and in particular the

Anger over French blood trial By Catherine Brown French haemophiliac groups, relatives of the victims and ACT UP, the anti-AIDS action group, have denounced as inadequate the sentence of three state-employed doctors, who have been convicted

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "We need a decent living wage!" Aleksei Bogdanov, delegate from the Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant, told the packed stadium. "How are people supposed to live on 3000 roubles a month?" Metalworkers' leader Yuri

Anderton banned from Tonga The leader of New Zealand's NewLabour Party, Jim Anderton, has been banned from delivering a keynote address to a pro-democracy conference in Tonga after intervention by the rulers of the Pacific kingdom. In a

By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — With a decree issued on October 28, Russian President Boris Yeltsin outlawed the country's major opposition formation, the National Salvation Front (FNS). The FNS had been set up four days earlier at a Moscow

By Helen Jarvis PHNOM PENH — One year after the Paris Peace Accords were signed, about 15,000 UN soldiers are here. Some (including the majority of the Australian troops) are busy establishing a UN military communications system (supplied by

'Muslims must fight for their rights' Ifet Mustafic is the imam of the Islamic Society of Footscray in Melbourne, where he has worked for the past one and a half years. A Bosnian Muslim, he graduated from the Islamic faculty in Sarajevo. He

Clinton and Gore, Clinton and Gore — Both of them born after the war! They're not liberals, like before — Technocratic, to the core. Clinton and Gore, Clinton and Gore. — from a poem by Calvin Trillin By Peter Anderson The

By Peter Anderson SYDNEY — The war in the former Yugoslavia has taken a tragic toll and nowhere more than in Bosnia-Hercegovina where it is estimated 100,000 Muslims have lost their lives as a result of Serbian aggression. Taken together, the

LIDY ALEJANDERO is secretary-general of BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance) in the Philippines. In Sydney for an Australian-Philippines solidarity conference, Alejandero was interviewed for Green Left by MAX LANE. Question: Could you explain just

Fretilin representative Estanislao da Silva spoke at a Democratic Socialist forum in Sydney on the eve of the first anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre. The following is excerpted from his talk. The Santa Cruz massacre is an important event

Nicaraguans commemorate Carlos Fonseca By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — The tomb of Carlos Fonseca in the Plaza of the Revolution was buried under a mound of flowers here on November 8. Fonseca, the founder of the Sandinista Front and the

Powell meets NZ Alliance By Peter Anderson Independent Victorian Senator Janet Powell left for New Zealand on November 13 to address the conference of the Alliance about right-wing industrial relations policies, and to share information about

By Boris Kagarlitsky For almost a year now, the president and the government have been implementing their reforms. They started by promising us that prosperity would come in only seven or eight months. Later they told us that "as we warned

The main island group of the Philippines is the Visayas. The major islands are Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Negros, Panay, Romblon, Samar and Siquijor. Andrew Garton interviewed Maria Socorro, a community lawyer from PROCESS (Participatory Research,

By Norm Dixon Apartheid collaborator Chief Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi's Inkatha Freedom Party has intensified the appalling violence in South Africa's Natal Province and his KwaZulu bantustan fief. Inkatha is attempting to drive the African

Sinn Fein activist murdered by UVF By Denis Kevans Sheena Campbell, a Sinn Fein activist, was murdered in Belfast last month. Sheena, 29, was a member of the Six County Sinn Fein Executive, and a woman's activist. Sheena was standing with

By Tom Jordan and Norm Dixon The Papua New Guinea Defence Force has suffered significant setbacks in central Bougainville, the defending Bougainville Revolutionary Army has claimed. In the most important incident, BRA militants recaptured the

US ministers to run Cuba blockade By Stephen Marks The Interreligious Foundation of Community Organisations and Pastors For Peace are planning to run the US blockade against Cuba. A caravan of 45 vehicles from nine US cities will carry

MARK NEWHOUSE, ANC (WA) Youth and Student Representative, spoke to a Green Left Weekly forum in Perth on October 28 on the struggle for democracy in South Africa. His talk is presented here slightly abridged. A recent national meeting of