Great for kids In the Rainforest By Kathie Atkinson Part of Allen & Unwin's My Animal Books series Reviewed by John Tognolini I enjoyed reading Kathie Atkinson's In the Rainforest to my 19-month-old daughter. Atkinson's fine colour
Mr Lucky — John Lee Hooker Pointblank/Virgin That's My Story — John Lee Hooker Fantasy/Festival Damn Right, I Got The Blues — Buddy Guy Silvertone/BMG There Is Always One More Time — B.B. King MCA/BMG Reviewed by Norm Dixon Racism,
Doing good: The Australian NGO community By Laurie Zivetz and others Allen and Unwin, 1991. 288 pp. $24.95 (pb) Reviewed by Indigo Williams The Third World needs our assistance. We in Australia are able to contribute through government and
Just received It didn't arrive in time for us to review it in this issue, but Left Face looks like the sort of book readers could profitably pore over during their holidays. Subtitled Soldier Unions and Resistance Movements in Modern Armies, it
The Change: Women, ageing and the menopause By Germaine Greer Hamish Hamilton/Penguin. 1991. 440 pp., $35.00 (hb) Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen This an account of the experience of the menopause and the meaning attached to it in western societies
By Sarah Daniels
A Small House Productions play
At the Athenaeum II in Melbourne until December 14
Reviewed by Pip Hinman

At a time when the exploitation and degradation of women's bodies in advertising, films and magazines seems to be reaching record levels, this production, written in 1985 by English playwright Sarah Daniels, is a fiery contribution to the discussion on pornography and violence against women.

Masterpieces portrays a direct relationship between pornography and violence.

A 55-minute television documentary, Special Treatment: Locking Up Aboriginal Children, had a special premiere screening at the AFI Cinema in Sydney on December 4. The film, produced and directed by Margaret Anne Smith, was reviewed in discussion by two long-time Aboriginal survivors, Arthur and Leila Murray.
Arthur and Leila Murray's son Eddie was killed by a person or persons unknown (according to the coronial inquiry) in the Wee Waa police lock-up on June 12, 1981.

Sacred Sex Produced and directed by Cynthia Connop Reviewed by Barry Healy In the words of the old song: "Birds do it, bees do it, Even educated fleas do it". But Cole Porter never thought that humans could reach nirvana doing it. However,
The Best of Abbie Hoffman By Abbie Hoffman Edited by Daniel Simon New York: Four Walls Eight Windows Reviewed by Craig Brittain Twenty years after the Vietnam War, it is hard to remember the sheer craziness of the time. Not only were thousands
Nelson Mandela in Havana How Far We Slaves Have Come By Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro New York: Pathfinder. 80 pp. $10.95 Reviewed by Camilo Jorquera When Nelson Mandela was released from prison, he made a point of visiting Cuba on July 26


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