Artists for endangered species By Jenny Gilbertson In October 1990, Sydney artist Sharon Davson, in association with photographers Graham Ramsay and Terry Barker, and agent Fiona McNeill, started an organisation known as "Artists for Life".
Green Ban Fusiliers em = By Denis Kevans Chorus: Up Broadway to the MBA come the green ban fusiliers, They stole the street, with their striding feet, placards high above their ears, Move over squire, in the black maria, are there any season
The Change: Women, ageing and the menopause By Germaine Greer Hamish Hamilton/Penguin. 1991. 440 pp., $35.00 (hb) Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen This an account of the experience of the menopause and the meaning attached to it in western societies
Making Waves: The Greenpeace New Zealand Story By Michael Szabo Reed. 264 pp. NZ$49.95 Reviewed by David Robie The surprise capture of French frogman Gerald Andries, one of the alleged saboteurs of the Rainbow Warrior, once more threw
Sex and the Sandinistas Written and directed by Lucinda Broadbent Reviewed by Kim Spurway This is a must-see documentary about the lives and struggles of gays and lesbians inside the Nicaraguan revolution. Its 25 minutes are packed with humour
A short story by Craig Cormick The O'Neill family had just sat down to dinner when the angel rang the front door bell. Neil O'Neill, with his knife and fork poised over his first plate of casserole and gravy, frowned and looked at his wife, Mary.
U2 works in mysterious ways Achtung Baby U2 Polygram Reviewed by Camilo Jorquera and Stephen Bavaro U2's latest album indicates a frame of mind that is not part of the old U2 caricature — serious and bleak. That image was never accurate
By Peter Boyle California-based political satirist Dave Lippman is best known as Dr George Shrub, the world's only known singing CIA (Committee to Intervene Anywhere) agent. "The rest", he says, "are secret so that you never know the song you are
John Hancock and the Rise of Victorian Labor By Jim Claven Australian Fabian Society and Pluto Press, 1991. 40 pp. $6.95 Labor's Troubled Times Edited by David Burchell and Race Mathews Australian Left Review, the Australian Fabian Society and
Great for kids In the Rainforest By Kathie Atkinson Part of Allen & Unwin's My Animal Books series Reviewed by John Tognolini I enjoyed reading Kathie Atkinson's In the Rainforest to my 19-month-old daughter. Atkinson's fine colour


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