Cultural Dissent

Opera on the edge Lacuna Performed by Chamber Made Opera Composed by David Chesworth Libretto and direction by Douglas Horton At the Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne, until November 7 Reviewed by Lin Wolfe This is a difficult production to

Feral Children Shooting Parties em = By Denis Kevans Fortunately, for the jaded international telescope rifle hunter, there are large and increasing numbers of outcast children living a carefree life in the broad expanses of Western Sydney.

By Peter Anderson Two recent publications by the Australian Government Publishing Service continue the discussion about structural reform within the Australian economy. While Macquarie University researcher Brian Pinkstone raises questions

Unfree liberators Liberators is a 90-minute special on the role of black US soldiers in World War II, with a particular focus on the battalions that freed prisoners of the Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps. Black soldiers of course

Mitteleuropa Three-part documentary series SBS Television Begins Sunday, November 8, at 7.30 p.m. Part One: From the Balkan Wars to the invasion of Poland Reviewed by Peter Anderson A lot more attention has been focussed on the Central

Hot Cafe By Margarita Windisch MELBOURNE — Hot Cafe are five talented and inspiring musicians who mix jazz with world music and take listeners on an unforgettable musical roller coaster ride through places like Spain, Russia, Ireland and

One plum pudding would have been enough Until the end of the world Directed by Wim Wenders Script by Peter Carey and Wim Wenders Starring William Hurt, Solveig Dommartin, Sam Neil Reviewed by Ulrike Erhardt Co-productions which are

Vince Jones blows Greenpeace's trumpet Popular Australian jazz trumpeter Vince Jones' latest album, Future Girl, is to be launched with several shows at Sydney's Harbourside Brasserie. The album and shows feature Vince's commitment to the

Take Two: The Criminal Justice System Revisited By Tim Anderson Bantam, 1992. 376 pp. $34.95 Reviewed by John Tognolini Tim Anderson's new book is a stunning portrait of a police vendetta and an insight into this country's criminal justice

Dreamy, mystical mountain music Islands of the Sky Peter Crowe Distributed by Larrikin Records Available on CD Reviewed by Peter Hicks This is an album of ambient guitar pieces which Peter Crowe describes as "acoustic mountain music".

By Karen Fredericks The first National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Music Festival, With Open Eyes, will be held in Sydney from November 30 to December 5. The festival comes at a time when Yothu Yindi, Kev Carmody and other

Timor mortis (From the Spanish of Uruguayan author Mario Benedetti. Translated by Rosemary Evans.) And, finally, death awaits me. She knows at what terrible moment she will come. But to me it is a mystery. So between us I build

The Fire Next Time By Mark Davis SYDNEY — Popping in for a quiet drink at Max's Petersham Inn to hear popular folk singer Peter Hicks' new band The Fire Next Time proved a very rewarding experience. At last, some overtly political music

Life on a string A film directed by Chen Kaige Starring Liu Zhongyuan and Huang Lei Reviewed by Wayne Ruscoe Two blind musicians wander an achingly beautiful landscape, searching for spiritual salvation or, at least, the return of the power

By Zanny Begg In the dim past young people, when asking about sex, would be given vague answers about storks flying over chimney pots before the topic of conversation was quickly changed. In the liberated '90s it would be nice to think that we

Endangered species legislation Left anonymously on the doormat this week is what appears to be an early draft of the federal endangered species legislation. The document is particularly interesting in showing what clauses did not make it into

Mad Bomber in Love Producer: George Mannix Director: James Bogle Opens November 27 at the AFI Cinema in Sydney Reviewed by Karen Fredericks A week before they were due to start shooting Mad Bomber In Love, George Mannix and James Bogle

By Kaye Dixon At seven years old, when visiting the city from Mallacouta, Sal Rees practised drop kicks with her grandfather in the backyard at Coburg. Her grandfather, Henry Flogg and her father, Don Rees, played football for Brunswick.

Telling East Timor: Personal Testimonies 1942-1992 By Michele Turner New South Wales University Press 218 pp. $19.95 Reviewed by Lenore Tardif This book is the oral history of some of the most brutal human rights abuses in recent times. It

Making politics musically By Chris Spindler If you have the chance to see Seven Sisters play at the Aboriginal Women's Music Festival in Sydney in December, don't miss it. You'll be treated, as the Adelaide Cultural Dissent crowd was on

Fiji miners' strike on SBS SBS television is to screen Na Ma'e! Na Ma'e! (We Stand Until We Die!), a graphic documentary about the continuing strike at the Fijian gold mining town of Vatukoula, on Sunday, November 22, at 4 p.m. The bitter

Mary Christmas Cartoonist Rona Chadwick, whose cartoons readers will have seen in Green Left Weekly, has a series of "Mary Xmas" cards especially suited to the holiday season. For a free catalogue of these and other designs, send a stamped,

What Should Unions Do? Michael Easson and Michael Crosby (eds) Pluto Press, 394 pp. $24.95. The Challenge for Unions: Workers versus the New Right By John Wishart Left Book Club, 86 pp. $14.95 Reviewed by Michael Rafferty Ten years ago,

Strictly ballroom, in Swedish House of Angels Directed by Colin Nutley Starring Helena Bergstrom and Rikard Wolff Reviewed by Wayne Ruscoe English director Colin Nutley's third Swedish-based film has had the kind of runaway success in that

Gambling with our future How Super is Super? By Anna Pha Socialist Party of Australia Reviewed by Barry Healy Since the mid-'80s, Australian workers have been herded into superannuation schemes through a government and ACTU-agreed plan to

Bill will be laughing out of the other side Why does the jacket of Chris Kelly's new book of cartoons carry a comment from newly elected US President Bill Clinton? Probably because Chris didn't ask for one from the queen. Of course, what

Luka Bloom Enmore Theatre, Sydney, November 20 Reviewed by Bernie Brian This was Luka Bloom's first concert in Australia but judging by the audience response he already has many fans here. He has built his reputation on two acclaimed albums,

>Romper Stomper Produced by Daniel Scharf and Ian Ringle Written/Directed by Geoffrey Wright Starring: Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock and Jacqueline McKenzie Reviewed by Jeremy Smith Violence on TV, in the cinema, is often bemoaned by the media

First and Last Warning Made and performed by The Sydney Front The Performance Space, Sydney Nov 19 to Dec 6 Reviewed by Karen Fredericks The publicity material for this "theatre work" proclaimed "... the audience is divided. Those who can

Romper Stomper Reviewed by Nick Fredman Romper Stomper is a powerful, shocking, and flawed film. The story of the violent downfall of a group of Melbourne fascist skinheads, manages to be an apparently authentic portrayal of a subculture, while

Slapstick in higher realms Death Becomes Her Directed by Robert Zemeckis Written by Martin Donovan & David Koepp Starring Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep, Isabella Rossellini Reviewed by Ulrike Erhardt This is an outrageous black

Deadly Deceptions: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons and our Environment A half-hour video produced and directed by Debra Chasnoff Academy Award for the best short documentary in 1991 Reviewed by Garry Walters The Campaign for International

Death in Dili By Andrew McMillan Hodder & Stoughton 235pp $14.95 Reviewed by Nick Everett Death in Dili is a remarkable account of 17 years of struggle by the East Timorese for national self-determination. It pieces together events from

The School for Wives By Jean-Baptiste Poquelin- Moliere Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon At Melbourne's Gasworks Theatre $18/$13 concession Bookings 699 3253 Reviewed by Peter Boyle To find that a play with a "feminist" message written more

Profits of War By Ari Ben-Menashe Allen & Unwin, 1992 pp 394 $24.95 Reviewed by Mark Delmege "In gratitude for the use of Australian soil for the transfer of arms to Iran, Richard Babayan, a contract operative of the CIA, received a check

Pamyat: Russia's Blackshirts The Cutting Edge SBS television Tuesday, December 8, 8.30pm Reviewed by Peter Anderson They wear black uniforms and are described as fascists and extremists. They are Russia's Blackshirts, members of an

Original, fresh and funny Life on the Edge Cartoons by Judy Horacek Introduced by Dale Spender Spinifex 1992 86 pp. $14.95 Reviewed by Vannessa Hearman The work of feminist cartoonist Judy Horacek has finally been compiled into a

The Long Day Closes Written and directed by Terence Davies Starring Leigh McCormack and Marjorie Yates Reviewed by Wayne Ruscoe "Between my father dying when I was seven and leaving primary school, those years were just so happy I was

Milena Directed by Vera Belmont Screenplay and dialogue by Vera Belmont in collaboration with Marie Genevieve Ripeau, Guy Konopicky, Dan Frank and Lou Garfinkle Starring Valerie Kaprisky, Stacy Keach, Gudrun Langrebe, Peter Gallagher and Nick

Seeing Red: The Communist Party Dissolution Act and Referendum 1951: Lessons for Constitutional Reform The Evatt Foundation Sydney, December 1991 206 pp. $20 Reviewed by Simon Emsley The High Court decision to disqualify Phil Cleary as