Cultural Dissent

The Collapse of 'Communism' in the USSR By Doug Lorimer New Course Publications 43 pp. $2.50 Reviewed by Sean Malloy "Socialism can never work" is the conclusion promoted by mainstream ideologues in the wake of Stalinism's collapse.

SYDNEY — "The left has always been good at producing alternatives. It has not been so good at communicating those alternatives to a broad audience", commented 2SER-FM development manager Steve Cassidy, launching 2SER's 13th Birthday Week.

By Lee Wallace During World War II, as a means of maintaining public interest in baseball, US businesses sponsored a league of all-female teams. Like Rosie the Riveter, they were a temporary measure, just until the boys came home. The story

'Oppressor man, your kingdom is falling!' House of Exile Lucky Dube Dolphin/BMG Records (also Shanachie Records through Larrikin) Available on CD and cassette Reviewed by Norm Dixon In the year since his spectacular first tour of

The law against women's rights Abortion: A woman's right to choose By Claudine Holt New Course Publications 18 pp. $1.00 Reviewed by Sean Malloy Abortion is one of the safest and easiest medical procedures. A majority of Australians

Canberra October 1991 em = By Thomas Faunce A chill wind, not the spirit of Australia, Blows over manicured lawns. Winter leaves scratch like hansard on the footpath. Wires tinkle on flagpoles like spoons in teacups Currawongs warble like a

Too Many Cubans in Cuba em = By Denis Kevans There's this place called Cuba, It's full of Cubans, they live there, For some reason, unspecified, of course, They're very secretive people, Cubans, They refuse to divulge the reason, Why they

Looking off the southern edge By David Buchanan Cast: John Moore, Douglas Walker, Wendy Strehlowe Dance: Anna Mercer and Michael Leslie Music: Gary Ridge, David Buchanan and Lois Olney Artrage Theatre Festival, October 3 to 24 Perth

A decade of dissent A decade of dissent By Greg Langley Allen & Unwin, 1992. 232 pp. $19.95 Reviewed by Stephen Robson On May 7, 1970, the federal minister for labour and conscription, Billie Snedden described the organisers of the

By Norm Dixon Can listening to the natural sounds of Australia's most precious and fragile wilderness areas, combined with the music of top session players, contribute to a greater environmental awareness? Brett and Lydia Neilson are convinced

Correction In recent publicity in Green Left Weekly for a Sydney Cultural Dissent evening featuring Canto y Lucha, the phrase "ex- Papalote" was used to describe this group. Sydney Cultural Dissent wishes to explain that this was in no way

By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — In Production, the first national gathering of Women in Film and Television, was held at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney on the weekend of September 26 and 27. Opening addresses to the

Bongo Fury By Scott Lewington MELBOURNE — Top Australian percussionist Ray Pereira has assembled some of the city's finest young percussionists to produce a delicious taste of Cuba. Basing itself on Afro-Cuban rhythms and chants such as

Suspense from Slovo The Betrayal By Gillian Slovo Virago. 313 pp. $12.95 Reviewed by Stephen Robson After reading Slovo's Ties of Blood last year it was with anticipation I pounced on her next novel. Like Ties of Blood, this is set in

By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — Central Australian band Amunda launched Larrikin Records' release of their second album, Civilised World, at the Rose Shamrock and Thistle Hotel on September 30. Despite a slow start, foldback problems and some

By Loretta Asquini and Katrina Newton Lucky Dube and his band gave an uplifting and high- energy performance at the Melbourne Palace on September 29. This band gives its all! Even if you're not a reggae lover, you can't fail to enjoy this

The Cafe of the Gate of Salvation COTGOS through Larrikin Records Available on CD and cassette Reviewed by Norm Dixon The Cafe of the Gate of the Salvation, a huge a cappella choir (no less than 27 people are pictured on the CD cover!) which

By Karen Fredericks The commercial oligopoly which has been maintained in Australian TV broadcasting since 1956 may soon be dented by community TV groups, finally allowed access to the sixth and final high power channel. The report of the

By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — "So much of theatre today is about entertainment, rather than art and ideas", says Don Mamouney, artistic director of the Sidetrack Theatre Company. To help overcome such stagnation, the company's Performance Week

By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — "Woman for sale" says the eye-catching headline on the leaflet. "Tired of cooking? Cleaning? Well, look no further!", it continues. "She dices, slices, cuts, grates, vacuums and nurtures in seconds. Made from a

War by other means War by other means A documentary by John Pilger Soon to be shown on ABC TV Reviewed by Tamara Desiatov "War and debt are exactly the same things, and you don't have to occupy the same territory", says writer and director

Proud of his enemies By Karen Fredericks SYDNEY — At a public signing of his new book Distant Voices at Gould's Bookshop in Glebe on October 10, John Pilger elaborated upon his refusal to enter into a public brawl with Ben Hills. Hills

Sorrow and triumph Sadness By William Yang Belvoir Theatre, Sydney until October 18 Reviewed by Wayne Ruscoe Sydney photographer William Yang has developed a unique drama form: the presentation of slides with an accompanying monologue

Sirocco, Alan Stivell and Dedannan Sydney Town Hall, October 6 Reviewed by Bernie Brian I had the opportunity to hear Alan Stivell and Dedannan play at an Irish pub in Paddington a week before their October 6 concert. The smell of the coal

The murder that stays with us Swoon Directed by Tom Kalin Starring Craig Chester and Dam Schlachet Valhalla Cinema, Glebe; Classic, Brisbane Reviewed by Tom Flanagan Based on the 1924 murder of a young boy by two Chicago youths, Swoon

Distant Voices By John Pilger Vintage. 397 pp. $14.95 Reviewed by Frank Noakes "Unless prejudice is countered, it is reinforced. Unless misconceptions are corrected, they become received truth." — Distant Voices George Orwell wrote in

The Last Days of Chez Nous Directed by Gillian Armstrong Screenplay by Helen Garner Starring Lisa Harrow, Bruno Ganz, Kerry Fox and Miranda Otto Reviewed by Lee Wallace Some films have such an effect that you leave the cinema slightly

It takes the cake The Killing of Sara Lee The Doll Cafe, 16 Ballarat St, Yarraville Thursday to Sunday, Oct 15 to Nov 1, 7.30 p.m. Reviewed by Ray Fulcher Take the Doll Cafe, into it pour seven engaging performers, add a script by Rhondda

Manufacturing Consent A film directed by Mark Achbar Canada, 1992 Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen Noam Chomsky is famous for a revolutionary development in the theory of language. In the late 1950s, he argued that there was a basic grammatical

Picture stories with a twist Every Story Tells a Picture Plays by Maree Walk, Tom Hungerford and Peta Murray The Studio, Subiaco Theatre Centre, Perth, until October 24 Reviewed by Jonathan Strauss This Artrage Festival event involves

The culture of contentment By John Kenneth Galbraith Sinclair Stevenson (Britain), 1992. $39.95 Reviewed by Scott Wasley Veteran economist John Kenneth Galbraith deals with the attitudes and political power of the large "class" of the

The Long Day Closes Written and directed by Terence Davies Kino, Melbourne, early December Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti Unlike his acclaimed and equally personal film Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988), Terence Davies' The Long Day Closes,

Papalote go bush One of Australia's longest running and most popular Latin American bands, Papalote, are to take audiences from country towns in south-west New South Wales on a rhythmic journey through Latin America. They will introduce

Class Culture — A Play We Wrote Written and directed by Tim Brain and Paul Tassone Reviewed by Rurik Davidson Class Culture is about young people rehearsing a play — Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet — and doing it their way. They have

Simple, powerful documentary Blackman's Houses A film directed by Steve Thomas Screened during the Jump Cut Film Festival, at Lumiere and FTI Cinemas Reviewed by Anthony Benbow Blackman's Houses is a documentary filmed on Flinders Island.

When the boss is a union What about the workers' workers? VHS cassette Reviewed by Rose McCann This excellent video captures the story of this year's industrial dispute between 34 clerical workers and the management of the NSW branches of

Sex By Madonna Distributed by William Heinemann Australia. $59.95. Reviewed by Kath Gelber Sex had a huge reputation to live up to. Sold under conditions that ensured its pages would not be exposed in any public arena, its success was

Oedipus meets Romeo and Juliet Tilaï Written and directed by Idrissa Ouedraogo Starring Rasmane Ouedraogo, Ina Cisse, Roukietou Barry and Assane Ouedraogo Season begins October 30, AFI Cinema, Paddington Reviewed by Norm Dixon Viewers

By Tracy Sorensen "You hope you can have a few screenings of your film, and maybe get it on TV somewhere", says Canadian film maker Mark Achbar. "But for a feature-length documentary on what for many people is an obscure American intellectual

Police Shootings in Victoria, 1987-1989: You deserve to know the truth By the families of Mark Militano, Jedd Houghton and Graeme Jensen and the Flemington/Kensington Community Legal Centre Paperback, 116 pp. $10 Reviewed by Alex Cooper