Cultural Dissent

Cotton pickin' in Rozelle By Col Hesse SYDNEY — "Back to the Roots: A Celebration of Blues and Acoustic Music", at the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle on July 19, featured 10 different groups and individual performers. With the exception of the

Tokyo Two A play by Open Cities Written and performed by Virginia Baxter and Keith Gallasch At the Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne, until August 2 Reviewed by Peter Boyle Against a black backdrop, a long glass tabletop is supported by several

Dance of the Underclass By Alistair Hulett IRS, 1992. CD or cassette Reviewed by Tim Anderson Alistair Hulett's new solo album demonstrates that he has become one of the finest singer-songwriters in this country. The album, like Alistair,

A Wall of Secrecy Produced and directed by Fabio Cavadini and Mandy King To be screened nationally on SBS Television's The Cutting Edge on Tuesday, August 4, at 8.30 p.m. (8 p.m. in Adelaide) Reviewed by Norm Dixon Political activists are

By Lenore Tardif Readers who tear apart each new issue of Green Left until they find Chris Kelly's latest jibe at the political world may wonder how this lad from the "sad industrial town of Burnie" became a socially responsible cartoonist.

By Norm Dixon "We who believe in freedom cannot rest We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes Until the killing of black men, black mothers' sons Is as important as the killing of white men, white mothers' sons We who believe in

Successful mix and match cabaret Sirens of Rhythm Produced by Beth Child Directed by Margaret Davis At the Paint Factory, Donkin Street, West End, Brisbane Until August 9. Bookings 3699418 Reviewed by Dave Riley Billed as cabaret

Gambling On The First Race By Steve Mickler Commissioned and published by the Louis St John Johnson Memorial Trust Fund Centre for Research in Culture and Communication, Murdoch University Reviewed by Geoff Spencer This comprehensive

Salmonberries Directed by Percy Adlon Starring k.d. lang, Rosel Zech, Chuck Connors Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Anyone going to see Salmonberries would be well advised to wrap up warm. The film is shot in a remote part of Alaska where

East Timor on stage By Vannessa Hearman MELBOURNE — A new play on East Timor, staged by the Melbourne University Student Union Theatre, opens here on August 6. Zero Sum is based on the events surrounding the death of Kamal Bamadhaj, a

Camp humour and a serious subject The art of being still Written by Steven Dawson Directed by Karl Steinberg Universal Theatre, Melbourne, until August 16 Reviewed by Mark Urban Described by its writer as a "serious comedy", The art of

By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — According to Palz Vaughan, director of the Fringe Network, the Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival has an unusual history — it is the first fringe festival to precede the mainstream one. The Fringe Network was

Vince Brophy live By Col Hesse WOLLONGONG — The first time I saw Vince Brophy was earlier this year, at the march and rally to save Bulli Hospital from becoming yet another victim of the state Liberal government's "economic rationalism".

Black Harvest Directed and produced by Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson Reviewed by Barry Healy Black Harvest is the latest in a series of documentaries by these two Sydney-based film makers tracing the development of the New Guinea highlands

I'm British But ... Directed by Gurinder Chadha Reviewed by Reihana Mohideen "I describe myself as a Scottish Pakistani", says a Scotland-born young woman from Glasgow, her strong Scots accent rolling off her tongue. She talks about trying to

The Cockroach Opera By Nano Riantiarno Directed by Mark Gaal Belvoir Theatre, Sydney Reviewed by Lenore Tardif Indonesian playwright Nano Riantiarno captures the poverty and oppression of street living in Jakarta, and the corruption of the

Roots reggae with a difference Hallelujah Larry Maluma and Kalimba Reviewed by Loretta Asquini and Katrina Newton If you like African roots reggae with a bit of funk and soul influence, Larry Maluma and Kalimba is the band to see. On July

By Hans Norebrink LA PAZ — The so-called cosmic religions of America are undergoing a resurgence, encouraged by the campaign, "500 years of native, black and popular resistance". American natives are rediscovering national and cultural roots

By Lenore Tardif SYDNEY — The Second Multicultural Theatre Festival, with performances by 18 theatre companies in nine languages, begins this week. It promises to be even more exciting and challenging than the first festival, held last

Deadly A film by Richard Moir Showing at Hoyts cinemas Reviewed by Linda Paric Deadly is in the western genre. A broody and tough but fair lawman goes to a small town, Yabbabri, and brings justice. In this case it is white man's justice

Vengeance is whose? Vengeance By E.P. Watts and Whistling in the Theatre Directed by Richard Murphet At the Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne, until August 29. Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Vengeance, devised jointly by writer, director and

Inkanyezi Nezazi Ladysmith Black Mambazo Dolphin/BMG Records Available on CD and cassette Zulu Jive! Various artists Hannibal/Earthworks through Festival Records Available on CD and cassette Reviewed by Norm Dixon If there is a

Melbourne discovers Columbus The 500th anniversary of Columbus' "discovery" of America has aroused controversy around the world. People in Latin America are particularly upset at the celebration of what became a bloody conquest, leading to the

Sweet Honey In The Rock By Reihana Mohideen The music was sweet, dark, rich. I hadn't heard Sweet Honey live before, and I wasn't a great fan. But when I heard them live at the Convention Centre in Sydney, I came out dazed. I had never before

Delightful holiday Mediterraneo Directed by Gabriele Salvatores Screenplay by Vincenzo Monteleone Music by Giancarlo Bigazzi At the Longford, Melbourne, from August 28 Reviewed by Ulrike Erhardt Imagine a holiday on a Greek isle in the

Art for Timor "Our Silence — Your Silence" is the title of an exhibition by Artists for East Timor, August 25-September 6, at the Bondi Pavilion Exhibition space. When Archibald Zammit-Ross, president of the Sculptors Society of NSW,

By Zanny Begg SYDNEY — Ice-T and Public Enemy are both known for their uncompromising political stance and hard-hitting, angry lyrics. From that standpoint, the thousands of people who shelled out $40 for a ticket at the packed Hordern

Stompen Ground '92 Stompen Ground '92, the Kimberley Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Festival, is being held in Broome over the September 5-6 weekend. More than 40 different acts will take part. Participating will be Australia's top Aboriginal

By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — A mix of established and unknown writers, poets and songwriters will be featured at the Writers Festival, held from August 29 to September 19 in conjunction with the Melbourne Fringe Arts Festival. Ken

Rap it in metal Body Count By Body Count Warner Bros Records Available on CD and cassette Reviewed by Alex Young This is an interesting album combining heavy, grinding guitar-oriented music with all the attitude and lyrical content of the

John Olsen: Journey through "you beaut" country Directed by Don Bennetts Distributed by the Australian Film Institute Reviewed by Yvonne Sorensen John Olsen's paintings are rather frenetic, full of convoluted lines and plenty of energy. The

Coming home to what? Homecoming: Images of Vietnam Collected by Jean R. Williams Homecoming Publications, 186 Coes Creek Rd, Nambour, 4560 $11.95 Reviewed by Denis Kevans This is a book of poems on and by the generation of Australian

St Oscar By Terry Eagleton Directed by Eric Venberg At the Organ Factory, Melbourne, until September 5 Reviewed by Mark Urban and Bronwen Beechey New Theatre's latest production St Oscar, by well-known British Marxist Terry Eagleton, is a

By Dave Riley BRISBANE — The days when Fortitude Valley was the major local night spot have passed. It's slim pickings down Brunswick Street, the main thoroughfare, in these times of recession after the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Nightclub sparkle,

Off the white beaches The Indonesia Kit By Elaine Brière and Susan Gage Available for $10 plus $2 postage and handling from Stephen Langford, 25 Comber St, Paddington NSW 2011 Reviewed by Michael Tardif Topical and current, The

No condom no start By Karen Fletcher SYDNEY — Building workers on 30 building sites around Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle will be thinking about sex, specifically safe sex, in their morning and lunch breaks from August 25 to September

Images of the Kimberley By Jon Lamb Fremantle — Home Country is an exhibition of paintings and photographic prints of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It brings together works by Aboriginal artists and a European Australian

Greenhouse strategies in the north The Greenhouse Effect: Science and Policy in the Northern Territory By Ian Moffat North Australia Research Unit, 1992 95 pp. $15 pb Reviewed by Yvonne Sorensen According to Ian Moffat, the key aim of

Riff Raff Directed by Ken Loach Written by Bill Jesse Starring Robert Carlyle, Emer McCourt, Ricky Tomlinson At the Kino, Melbourne, from late September Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Ken Loach has been responsible for some widely acclaimed

Giving cities back to people Winning back the cities By Peter Newman and Jeff Kenworthy Pluto Press and the Australian Consumers' Association, 1992 Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen With colour photographs on almost every page and information