When Indian cricketers Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj reported racist abuse during the recent Sydney test match, Australia’s ugly racism hit the headlines again. Sue Bull argues that the big media has an interest in muddying the connection between capitalism and racism.

NSW MLC David Shoebridge told Suzanne James that until systemic racial profiling ends, Black deaths in custody will continue while the 1991 royal commission's recommendations are not implemented.

More and more, people own less and less when it comes to digital technology. Aleks Wansbrough looks at how the privatisation of communication technologies has serious social consequences.

As the Capitol Hill 'invasion' by MAGA goes sour and Australian MPs rush to get their stories straight, let's not sweep the ugly truth about US 'democracy’ under the carpet, writes Pip Hinman.

A People’s Inquiry to examine the United States-Australia alliance — its costs and consequences — and to canvas alternatives has been launched, writes Bevan Ramsden.

The ruling that Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the United States is welcome, but it comes after the charade in which British authorities held an unconvicted person in a top security prison and made his defence as difficult as possible, argues Stuart Rees.

The pandemic has thrown up many challenges for employers and employees, backpackers and farmers, writes Chris McCoomb.

The Socialist Alliance condemns new federal anti-worker bills.

Caroline Andersen writes about the pain of the death in custody of her son Wayne 'Fella' Morrison and why she has little confidence in the justice system.

The push back against NSW Police's 'war on drugs' is growing as they pay up hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits and restrictions on strip-searches are being considered by the parliament. Rachel Evans reports.


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