COVID-19 changed Green Left's plans to hold an international Ecosocialism 2020 conference this year but, as Peter Boyle reports, the couple of smaller ones we just hosted, with activists from Brazil, Malaysia and the Philippines, enriched the discussion about how to step up the fight for system change.

Ted Trainer takes up a debate with Hans Baer that only ecoanarchism, not ecosocialism, has the potential to avert catastrophic anthropogenic climate change because the state cannot be relied on as the basic determinant in society.

Ecosocialism or ecological Marxism is making headway among scholars as capitalism's mal-distribution of resources and environmental degradation on a global scale. Hans Baer argues that ecosocialists and ecoanarchists need to come up with strategies to transcend the problems and avert catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

As support grows for meaningful climate action, the major parties double down on support for their fossil fuel mates. Alex Bainbridge argues that there needs to be united effort to force them to agree to 2030 emission targets.

Deregulation and weak regulations allows greed and dishonesty to continue in Australia’s financial sector, argues Suzanne James.

Markela Panegyres uncovers some of the history of the Hyde Park Barracks, a former convict dormitory and Female Immigration Depot, for the Feminist Walking Tour.

Under the guise of a phenomenon called security, anti-democratic acts designed to instill fear are being committed, argues Stuart Rees.

Tracey Carpenter reports Traditional Owners and former Burragorang Valley residents are fighting to save Gundungurra heritage against the New South Wales government’s plans to wipe out their culture. 

There has never been a better demonstration of how corrupt, complicit and hypocritical government institutions have become in their dealings with China than what has gone down with Crown Casinos, writes Suzanne James.

The growing discussion about system change is the result of how barbarous capitalism has become, writes Peter Boyle


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