Photo Essays

Aboriginal rights activists marched to Redfern's Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) on Monday 7 November to protest the forced removal of Aboriginal children from Aboriginal families by the child protection services. There have been numerous cases of Aboriginal children being...

Thousands turned out for the Doctors for Refugees marches in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Newcastle, Darwin and Hobart on November 5 and other locations on previous days. 

The rallies opposed PM Malcolm Turnbull's new proposal to ban refugees who come by boat to seek asylum in Australia...

About 100 people, including the local community came out in Campbelltown on 30 October to protest "against the systemic violence and brutality by Australian police and corrections".

It comes in the wake of numerous recent Aboriginal...

Hundreds of people took to the streets in energetic and vibrant marches on Friday 28 October as part of the annual Reclaim the Night protests against violence against women.

Here are photos from the Brisbane and Sydney rallies.

Police and security evicted the Sydney College of the Arts occupation early in the morning on 25 October, 65 days since it started on August 22.

Police and security roughly threw out occupiers and procceded to tear down and throw out artwork.

Here are photos looking back at the...

Across Australia communities have come out and participated in Walk Together events to welcome refugees.

The pleb is dead now let us wed

"The Pleb is dead, now let us wed" read one placard at Brisbane's October 15 rally for marriage equality.

More than 600 people marched through the streets in a passionate and determined call for the parliament to simply put the bill and pass the bill.

A few hundred activists protested Pauline Hanson and raicism in Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne on 7th October.

Photos by Alison Eldridge

On October 6, students took part in banner drops, live artwork and marches at Sydney University's Camperdown campus to save the Sydney College of the Arts.

A rally included speeches from Grant Wheeler...

The National Day of Action against Youth Incarceration on October 11 was marked by a protest rally and march, which also blocked a CBD intersection.

The focus of the rally was justice for detained Aboriginal youth Dylan Voller, who was the main victim highlighted in the ABC Four...