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On 'broad left parties' Murray Smith, a member of the European Left Party's executive bureau, looks at the emergence of new parties in Europe over the past 25 years. He responds to criticisms of his perspective by Mick Armstrong from Australia's Socialist Alternative. Ireland: 'We have to convince people that Sinn Fein is different'
For more articles, visit Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal. European elections against backdrop of crisis The 2014 European elections were the first to held since the full extent of the financial and economic crisis and its consequences became apparent, Murray Smith says. Ukraine: 'Alarm bells for anti-fascist, pro-democracy forces'
Nigeria: Africa’s number one economy -- for wealth evaporation In 2012, neoliberalism catalysed a national “Occupy Nigeria” strike that nearly overthrew the government after the removal of a petrol subsidy, under direct pressure from the IMF, writes Patrick Bond. Discussion: Are Russia and China imperialist powers?
Bosnia: Tulzla the 'unknown workers' capital of Europe' Why does Bosnia-Herzegovina inspire so little interest and curiosity in the media and the political class when, on the contrary, Ukraine is front-page news, asks Olivier Besancenot. In recent weeks, this country has also risen in revolt against injustice and poverty, and expressed their desire for change. Palestine: Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism
VIDEO: Tariq Ali on the legacy of Hugo Chavez Marking one year since the untimely death of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, eminent writer and film maker Tariq Ali gave a passionate memorial lecture in central London on February 20 at an event organised by the British Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign. VIDEO: Die Linke and the fight against austerity
Visit for more. Wildcat strikes push China to write new anti-labour laws More than 30 years since China opened up to foreign investment, wildcat strikes surge month after month, says Ellen David Friedman. This raw resistance has generally gotten employers to give in to strikers’ economic demands. The struggle for ecology under socialism
Britain: Left unity — 'a party to dream of' English left-wing activist and author Mike Marqusee writes: “I’m one of the thousands who signed up to the Left Unity appeal issued by Ken Loach in March to discuss the formation of a new party of the left. I did so because I believe the continued absence of an effective left alternative to the Labour Party hampers our resistance to austerity, racism, war and environmental degradation.” Venezuela: A day with Nicolas Maduro