ADELAIDE — SA local government workers are about to begin a 4% productivity bargaining wage negotiation. The deal will be struck individually with about 150 local councils, and will cover about 3000 workers. MELBOURNE — Victoria's power
Cape Fear Starring Robert de Niro, Jessica Lange Directed by Martin Scorsese Reviewed by Steve Painter Put together a 1950s plot with some modern ultraviolence, and you don't need to know much more about Cape Fear. A number of reviewers have
Emerald Beach fight continues By Kim Spurway The Look At Me Now headland, at Emerald Beach near Coffs Harbour, is still threatened by a proposed sewage outfall, despite a court ruling against the plans of the Coffs Harbour Council. On
By Peter Boyle The reports of the prime ministerial task force on "ecologically sustainable development" stack up to more than the height of former prime minister Bob Hawke. But environmental groups are divided on how productive the process is.


By Norm Dixon Human rights groups and spokespeople for the East Timorese resistance movement have condemned as a whitewash the Indonesian government-appointed inquiry's preliminary report into the November 12 Dili massacre. The positive
SYDNEY — A significant victory has been won for workers at a paper factory at Emu Plains in Sydney's industrial west. After 42 weeks on a 24-hour picket line, 33 Vista Paper Products workers learned on December 16 that the Industrial Relations
By Steve Painter SYDNEY — The 5% swing against the Liberal NSW government of Nick Greiner in the January 18 Entrance by-election confirms the result of last May's general election: working people around the state are angry with the
By Melanie Sjoberg MELBOURNE — An important element of the ACTU's drive to amalgamate Australia's roughly 300 unions into about 20 mega-unions ran into trouble in December when rank and file workers defeated an attempt to shotgun the
By Bronwen Beechey AUCKLAND — "We declare our total commitment to the advancement of New Zealand and its people and the need to rebuild and re-establish a society where human worth, dignity and respect for each other becomes the norm,
Australia Day By Jim Cole "Australia Day", January 26, is a day of joy and festivities for most Australians. But what about the feelings of the real Australians? The original occupants of this country were happy, contented and peaceful


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