The final hard copy of the year has limited Australian news to make space for more longer, analytical articles to enjoy over summer. There are extended articles online which don't appear in the hard copy, and we will continue to publish articles on
The article "Trial of the Goulburn Nine" (GLW #775)contained an error, claiming the Melbourne "terror trial" in September resulted in "six people [being] convicted of conspiring to commit a terrorist act". In fact, they were convicted of belonging to
Every week hundreds of dedicated activists hit the streets all over Australia to distribute Green Left Weekly.
Due to a sub-editing error, the article "'No VSU-lite', say students" (GLW #774) contained an error. The article implied that the new levy introduced by the Rudd Labor government is non-compulsory. In fact, the changes allow the universities to
There are some new faces joining the banks on the corporate bailout queue: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.
There can be no doubt that the great majority of the 55 million US citizens whose votes made Barack Obama president want change.
Despite the spectacular vaporisation of trillions of dollars of financial assets, and the collapse of more than a score of banks around the world, we haven’t seen a single banker jump out of a window in Wall Street or its equivalents around the world.
You must have noticed that the Christmas decorations are rapidly spreading all over the shopping malls, not so subtly signalling another season of extreme shopping and extreme credit card abuse.
This year, Green Left Weekly has been running a regular Arabic-language supplement called The Flame. It aims to cover news from the Arabic-speaking world as well as news and issues from within Australia. The current issue of The Flame, as PDFs, can be read here
I’ve lost count of how much bailout money governments have thrown at the global financial crisis. We all remember the US$700 billion that the US Congress recently approved, but in the months before that the US Reserve had already dished out nearly the same amount in bailouts, buyouts and guarantees for bad loans.
Miranda Devine is usually the first to turn a ridiculous right-wing rant into a newspaper column.
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“I’m a strong believer in free enterprise, so my natural instinct is to oppose government intervention”, affirmed US President George W. Bush, in his September 24 television speech to promote the biggest corporate bailout plan since the Great Depression. “I believe companies that make bad decisions should be allowed to go out of business.”
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Bruno, a supporter of Green Left Weekly, said to me last week that the political situation today reminded him of a famous quote from a story about a Sicilian prince at the time Italy’s feudal principalities were being challenged by Giuseppe Garibaldi’s “Redshirts”:
Every now and then the mask slips and we see the true face of the corporate dictatorship that Every now and then the mask slips and we see the true face of the corporate dictatorship that pretends to be democratic be democratic Australia.


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