Scrap Australia Day, acknowledge the past and fight for the future

Celebrating January 26 is a state-sanctioned exercise that rubs salt into the wounds of Indigenous Australia. It proclaims, “You lost, we won. Know your place.”

But the desire for an honest conversation about modern Australia's origins in the violent and ongoing dispossession of Indigenous people is not going away.

Across the country Invasion Day marches were both bigger than ever, and took place in many more places. More local governments have dropped their January 26 activities and finally the ABC allowed Triple J to shift its Hottest 100.

The mood for change is gathering momentum — and it's not going to stop.

This has inevitably provoked a counter-reaction as the deniers of, and beneficiaries from, genocide frantically seek to turn back the truth, with the federal Coalition government leading the charge.

As the rich get richer we need to organise

Australia’s super-rich keep getting richer.

A new report from Oxfam has found that the top 1% of the country’s plutocrats now own more wealth than the bottom 70%.

There has also been a record rise in the number of billionaires — from 33 to 43 — with their combined wealth now at almost $160 billion last year.

Oxfam says this equates to an increase of $100 million a day, or a total increase of $36 billion. It is enough to cover half the federal government’s total health budget this financial year.

Globally, the wealth of the world’s billionaires rose by $900 billion over the past year alone: that’s a whopping $2.5 billion a day.

Rivers in crisis: water theft and corruption in the Darling River system

Politicians and bureaucrats have launched endless inquiries in an effort to appear to be dealing with the water crisis in New South Wales. Yet these same bureaucrats have been very slow to implement any of the recommended reforms and few steps have been taken to deal with the mismanagement, water theft and corruption that led to this crisis, writes Elena Garcia.

New plays take on consent and culture

Implied Consent 
February 2, 10, 14, Perth Fringe Festival
The Actor’s Hub, 129 Kensington St, East Perth
An Evening with… 
February 3, 8, 16, Perth Fringe Festival
The Actor’s Hub, 129 Kensington St, East Perth

In the tradition of epic theatre and following in the footsteps of last year’s successful One Punch Wonder by the Actor’s Hub in Perth, comes Implied Consent. The play explores the issue of what constitutes consent, primarily in a sexual context. It features some chilling personal tales provided by the hundreds of people the actors interviewed.

Coup in Venezuela: What next?

The dice have been thrown and the game is on in Venezuela. This week has seen the country enter into new uncertain and dangerous terrain, although with some predictable elements. We have witnessed different variables develop, and now wait for new elements that may catalyse or justify an outcome.


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