Beyond Murdoch: The crimes of corporate media & creating the alternatives

The corporate media is in damage control over the revelations that the Murdoch empire hacked the phones of murder victims and the war dead, bribed police, and had seamless access to the highest levels of government. How can we bring the whole monopoly media to account and the the corporate system behind it, and create the progressive, people-powered alternatives so desperately needed? Speakers: Antony Loewenstein (Independent journalist & author); Wendy Bacon (Journalism Professor at Centre for Independent Journalism); Stuart Munckton (Green left Weekly co-editor). Dinner available from 6pm.

Resistance meeting: Racism in Australia- WTF?

Australia is a country built on migration and we're in the 21st centuary, but we STILL see racist attitudes in our society, media and politicians. What the fuck! Why is it that race is still an issue? Who benefits from racism and why? Is there anything we can do to stop the hate? Come along to the first Resistance meeting in our NEW Resistance Centre- 22 Mountain St, Ultimo (Off Broadway). Come down for a coffee and chat. ALL WELCOME.

Support David Hicks - stop the government's ongoing persecution

David Hicks was tortured and unlawfully detained in Guantanamo, he has never been convicted of any crime in any valid court. The government is moving against David Hicks for "proceeds from crime". Come and show your support for David and his family, for human rights and the rule of law. NSW Supreme Court, 184 Phillip St, city. Organised by the Justice Campaign.

Rally: Stop Coal and Coal Seam Gas wrecking NSW!

The NSW Government is sponsoring a $900 a head Mineral Exploration and Investment Conference in Sydney, where government and industry players will discuss how to carve up NSW for coal and gas mining and destroy communities, the environment and the agricultural potential of the state. Lets have our own conference – a conference for food, water and communities! Rally at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Phillip St, city. Activists from campaign groups around the state will address the rally. Register on Facebook.

The empowered citizen: the importance of education and equality for a modern democracy, by Hon Catherine Branson, QC.

Lecture: The empowered citizen: the importance of education and equality for a modern democracy, by Hon Catherine Branson, QC, President & Human Rights Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission. At Newcastle City Hall. Doors open at 5.30 pm. Free entry, but registration is required at: (online); (email); or (ph) 49694566. Lecture Series 2011 Democracy and a Civil Society. Organised by Hunter Valley Research Foundation.


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