Socialist Alliance meeting: France in revolt - we won't pay for their crisis!

In one week in late October, French workers held 3 national strikes involving 3 - 3.5 million workers in each. Students occupied high schools and universties, oil depots were blockaded, and some industries went on indefinite strike, as the French people resisted being made to pay for capitalism's crisis. Guest speaker Stuart Munckton, International Editor, Green Left Weekly + multimedia presentation from the protests

Come and discuss this exciting development and lessons for the anti-capitalism movements around the globe. Also discussion on the upcoming NSW election & local campaigns.

NSW is not for sale! Illawarra SA meeting

NSW is a state in crisis. The rotten Labor government - corrupt, privatising at will, pursuing a
coal-first, environment-last agenda - is likely to be crushed at the March 2011 election. But
Barry O'Farrell's Liberal-National Coalition would be even more pro-privatisation, anti-worker
and anti-environment. We need real, pro-people and pro-planet solutions.

Come to this meeting to help explore the necessary alternatives - from a zero-emissions
economy to rights for Indigenous people; from genuine grassroots democracy to public investment


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