Rally for abortion rights!

National day of action in solidarity with the Cairns couple and all Qld women. A young Qld couple goes to trial on Oct 12 charged under archaic abortion laws that should not exist - abortion is not a crime.

Organised by Womens Abortion Action Campaign and supported by a wide range of women's, community, union and political groups.

Socialist Ideas discussion: Borders, race and class - the politics of immigration

John Lennon captured the imagination of millions when he sang "Imagine there's no countries, nothing to kill or die for". Decades on, borders, racism, the refugee situation and immigration are intertwined as the first world rapidly raises fortresses to deny access from the poor south - including from people fleeing wars and dictatorships backed by the first world.

The next installment in Socialist Alliance and Resistance's regular fortnightly socialist ideas discussions will look at the root causes behind the issues, and how we can challenge the injustices.

Bus Tour Reportback: Ampilatwatja fightback!

Eyewitness accounts of Aboriginal communities which are challenging the racist Northern Territory Intervention, which was launched by the Howard Government and extended under the ALP. 50 activists travelled from NSW and Qld to support the Aboriginal struggle - come and hear their stories.

Forum at 2pm, followed by a party from 5pm to launch the new West Activist Centre. Organised by Parramatta Socialist Alliance.

West Activist Centre, Lev 1, 3/29 Macquarie St, Parramatta

The fight for Aboriginal rights in NT

Discussion and analysis from Alice Springs-based Aboriginal Rights activists. Earthwise, 315 Bagot Drive, Subiaco.

MORE INFO: The Northern Territory Intervention, the NT government’s policy of withdrawing resources from Aboriginal homelands and bans on education in Aboriginal languages all form part of a savage assimilation agenda in the NT. Racist legislation is fueling apartheid style conditions in urban centres like Alice Springs. An explosion in uranium exploration and the push for an NT nuclear waste dump are also increasing pressure on communities.


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