Transgender Day of Remembrance

Trans* Day of Remembrance is an annual, international event which acknowledges the large number of people who are murdered every year around the world because of their gender identity and/or expression.

This year we're going to try to balance the sombreness of the event - with a concerted focus on also celebrating all the amazingly fabulous gender diverse people who are ALIVE! The God's Cafe, ANU.

Socialist Ideas discussion: Cuba - solidarity, challenges, renewal

For more than 50 years Cuba has been carrying out a socialist revolution. Cuba's tremendous humanity and internationalism has shown that Stalinist bureaucratic degeneration is not inevitable. Yet today Cuba faces arguably its biggest challenge - a severe economic crisis. This discussion will look at the context of the crisis, it's causes, and the measures being proposed by the Cuban government.

Resistance Centre, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale.

For pre-reading, see Cuban Revolution: challenges and changes

Protest: Shoe away the war criminals!

Robert Gates (Bush-Obama defense secretary and former CIA deputy director) and Hillary Clinton (Obama's secretary of state) will be in Australia for talks with the pro-war Julia Gillard government. Even Gates admits that the US-NATO war and occupation in Afghanistan is not going well. The Revolutionary Assoc of Afghan Women has accused Clinton of lying when she says the Western occupation can continue while the women of Afghanistan are saved.


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