Rally on Gurindji Freedom Day: Demand a stop to the NT Intervention

In 1966 Gurindji workers on Wave Hill station went on strike against being paid in rations. On August 26 the Gurindji will celebrate their past and raise their voices once again for equality and justice. Join this Sydney protest in solidarity to demand Land Rights, jobs with justice for all communities, an end to the Basics Card and no second Intervention. Speakers: Daphne Lake (Bankstown Aboriginal Elder), Paul McAleer (MUA), Violet Roumeliotis (Metro Migrant Resource Centre).
Office of Tanya Plibersek MP, 150 Broadway, between City Rd and Abercrombie St, Broadway.

Refugees For Profit?

Australia's detention centres, such as Villawood and Christmas Island, are run by Serco, a British multinational corporation. The Guardian has called Serco "the biggest company you've never head of". Along with transport, health, technology and military contracts and corporations, Serco runs private prisons in the UK, Germany and Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald reported last week that Serco has been fined by the Immigration Department every month of 2010-11 for failing to meet contract goals.

Red Cinema

Our Generation - Land, Culture, Freedom. A documentary showing the impacts of the Northern Territory Intervention. Downstairs, Trades Hall, 127 Myers St, City. Entry by donation $7/5. Dinner available.


Sunday September 11, 4:30pm to 8pm

Location Melbourne Trades Hall, corner of Lygon and Victoria Streets
More info Remembering the Other September 11
September 11 1973, Chilean popular democratic government overthrown by a violent military coup leaded by the Chilean Army and backed by CIA and US Nixon Administration..many Chileans were killed, tortured, taken prisoners and sent to exile.
Speakers, Music and Film presentation called the Black Pimpernel
Our Tribute to Salvador Allende an all those who fallen on struggle in order that others live...struggles continue

The People United? Australian solidarity with Latin America since Allende

During the 1970s, national and international solidarity organisations arose in opposition to U.S. imperialism in Latin America. Washington’s support for repressive regimes across the region produced world wide diasporas of Salvadoreans, Argentines, Guatemalans, Chileans, Uruguayans and Colombians, inter alia. In Australia’s case, these included significant numbers of political and economic refugees.


Agitate! Mass action and social change: Socialist Alliance and campaigns. Second of three workshops about why there is a Socialist Alliance. Wed Aug 24, 5.30pm. All welcome. Ph Jonathan 4053 2340 for more venue details.


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